Disinfection Products To Use In Your House

The Covid-19 outbreak to put much of the country into lockdown but the virus has spread rapidly around the world.

Undoubtedly, hand-washing after being in public spaces is key to reduce the spread of COVID-19. But what should we be doing in our homes to eliminate it?

You can combat the novel coronavirus effectively while using products that are safe for you and your family.

We screened hundreds of disinfectants and sanitizers recommended and checked them against guide to healthy cleaning. Here’s our list of 5 well-rated products with fewer ingredient concerns.


NO.1 CleanTrust Norya - Handheld Multifunctional UV Sterilizer

Handheld multifunctional UV sterilizer with LCD display, perfect for mask, toothbrush, mobile phone, beauty, underwear etc. disinfection!

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NO.2 59S UV-C LED Sterilizer Wand - A Foldable Disinfection Wand

59S UV-C LED Sterilizer Wand is is the pioneer of LED sterilization.

It adopts UV LED technology and ultraviolet light of 260nm-280nm,directly damaging DNA and bacteria via physical means, to achieve quick, convenient and efficient disinfection.

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NO.3 Eleclean - Water + Electricity = Disinfectant

Eleclean Disinfectant Device is a portable device that transform water into high reactive oxygen disinfectant.

This device employs more than 34 patents and the world's first nano-catalysis electrochemical technology to convert water molecules into high reactive oxygen disinfectant in just 15 minutes.

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台灣 EleClean 只需清水 消毒噴霧製造機15


NO.4 Prische - Premium Toothbrush Sterilizer

Prische is a premium wall mounted or stand UV sterilizing effect to sterilize toothbrushes or toiletries essentials.

Auto PI heater drying for toothbrushes with notification of tooth brushing time to make good habit.

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NO.5 UV Pro - The 10 Minute Shoe Sanitizer

The UV Pro Elite is a one of a kind sanitizer that utilizes wireless, portable, compact and rechargeable UltraViolet (UV) light technology to combat bacteria and fungus that may cause a foul, unpleasant odor in your shoes, car, home, clothing and other possessions.

This product is different from other UV sanitizers because it’s wireless and rechargeable as well as it features a UV-C lamp that produces ozone, which helps to completely disinfect areas where the UV light cannot reach.

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Beside the movement controls, a third wave of infections had already arrived, as the tabligh cluster had caused a chain reaction of infections that had spread the virus through the community, and people increasing worries about the epidemic.

But, if self-care at home is enough, you are always close to a healthy lifestyle!