UV Pro - The 10 Minute Shoe Sanitizer (Pre-order)
UV Pro - The 10 Minute Shoe Sanitizer (Pre-order)
UV Pro - The 10 Minute Shoe Sanitizer (Pre-order)
UV Pro - The 10 Minute Shoe Sanitizer (Pre-order)
UV Pro - The 10 Minute Shoe Sanitizer (Pre-order)
UV Pro - The 10 Minute Shoe Sanitizer (Pre-order)
UV Pro - The 10 Minute Shoe Sanitizer (Pre-order)

UV Pro - The 10 Minute Shoe Sanitizer (Pre-order)

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Easy to use wireless protection for healthy feet!

  • Designed with safety in mind.
  • Touch sensor prevents turning on while in your hand.
  • 3 smart modes.
  • Offers delayed start mode so you can drop it in, set it and forget.
  • Clean items in minutes.

The UV Pro Elite is a one of a kind sanitizer that utilizes wireless, portable, compact and rechargeable UltraViolet (UV) light technology to combat bacteria and fungus that may cause a foul, unpleasant odor in your shoes, car, home, clothing and other possessions. You can use this compact device to clean your shoes, bags, gloves and any other household items. This product is different from other UV sanitizers because it’s wireless and rechargeable as well as it features a UV-C lamp that produces ozone, which helps to completely disinfect areas where the UV light cannot reach.

For all kinds of shoes

Every day shoes
High heel shoes
Sport shoes
Leather shoes


How does it work?


According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) more than 29 million US adults have diabetes, and 25% of them don't know it. Diabetes is the leading cause of lower-limb amputations, anddiabetics tend to develop ulcerations in the feet, which often lead to infection of the soft tissue and bones.Consequently, amputation is sometimes necessary to stop the spread of infection. Therefore, proper care of your shoes and feet is essential for preventing foot infection due to diabetes complications.

UV Pro Elite is affective in helping to alleviate the foot infections typically associated with this crippling disease. Regular use of UV Pro Elite is an effective safeguard against infection from both Type I and Type IIDiabetes. A change in lifestyle (exercise, diet, nutrition), and an investment in the UV Pro Elite shoe sanitizer can help prevent and/or eliminate foot disease.


Toenail Fungus

Athlete's foot

Foot Infection

Foot & Shoe Odor

Anti Bacterial

UV Pro uses UV light to sanitize and clean the hard-to-reach areas of any product. When it comes to UV light wavelength there are three categories; UV-A, UV-B and UV-C.

UV-C is the shortest wavelength of ultraviolet radiation, which kills microorganisms. It works to break apart germ DNA and destroys bacteria, viruses, molds and other pathogens. With broken germ DNA, the microorganisms can’t function or reproduce. This is not a new practice but dates back to the mid-20th century where it was used in medical sanitation. It then became a way to purify drinking and wastewater, and now more recently can be used to clean anything from your cell phone to the air you breathe.

Unlike others, our device is equipped with a UV-C lamp that also produces ozone. While the UV light might not shine on all hard-to-reach areas, the ozone will, ensuring 99.99% of germs are killed. This technology has proven to be the most effective on the market today.

3 Modes For Any Shoe Type



Our Standard setting is the quickest way to achieve clean.
Complete cycle lasts 10 Minutes.


In order to ensure that there is no damage to the product, UV Pro works in intervals making sure that products do not overheat. Use for delicate leathers and fabrics.

Works in intervals of 3 mins on, 3 mins off. Complete cycle lasts 12 minutes.


Created specifically for the athletes. Always on your feet? The Sport setting works longer to ensure your shoes stay fresh and clean!

Complete cycle lasts 20 Minutes Not recommended for leather shoes (see Elite).