Zulupack - RACKHAM 40L (Ready Stock)
Zulupack - RACKHAM 40L (Ready Stock)
Zulupack - RACKHAM 40L (Ready Stock)
Zulupack - RACKHAM 40L (Ready Stock)
Zulupack - RACKHAM 40L (Ready Stock)
Zulupack - RACKHAM 40L (Ready Stock)
Zulupack - RACKHAM 40L (Ready Stock)

Zulupack - RACKHAM 40L (Ready Stock)

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It's a perfect multi-usage dry bag for urban travelling/days trip/water sports/camping. The handles are padded with EVA, which is fully compatible when used as shoulder straps. Detachable inside pocket for small belongings like keys and wallet for better segregation. Outside pockets are used for keeping the wet/dirty garment from the main compartment; holes are for ventilation.

A waterproof zipper provides water/dust proof at IP66. Disclaimer: the outside jersey pocket is only water repellent. Before submerging the bag, please ensure that users put everything in the main compartment.

This multi-usage dry bag is the ideal companion for any outdoor enthusiast, whether you're traveling in the city or exploring the great outdoors. With fully padded straps made of high-quality EVA, this bag can be carried as a backpack or travel bag, providing versatility and comfort that is unmatched by other dry bags on the market.

In addition to its versatile carrying options, this dry bag also features a detachable inside pocket for better segregation of small belongings, and outside pockets with ventilation holes for storing wet or dirty garments separate from the main compartment. The waterproof zipper provides water and dustproof protection at IP66 rating, while the outer jersey pocket is water repellent to keep your belongings dry and secure.

Before submerging the bag, it is important to ensure that all belongings are placed in the main compartment to avoid any water damage.

Get your hands on this top-notch dry bag and take your outdoor adventures to the next level, with versatile carrying options, durable construction, and reliable protection for your belongings.