**Early Bird Exclusive Offer** YODA - The World's First Height-Adjustable Car Seat | for 3-12 years old
**Early Bird Exclusive Offer** YODA - The World's First Height-Adjustable Car Seat | for 3-12 years old
**Early Bird Exclusive Offer** YODA - The World's First Height-Adjustable Car Seat | for 3-12 years old
**Early Bird Exclusive Offer** YODA - The World's First Height-Adjustable Car Seat | for 3-12 years old
**Early Bird Exclusive Offer** YODA - The World's First Height-Adjustable Car Seat | for 3-12 years old
**Early Bird Exclusive Offer** YODA - The World's First Height-Adjustable Car Seat | for 3-12 years old

**Early Bird Exclusive Offer** YODA - The World's First Height-Adjustable Car Seat | for 3-12 years old

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Hello! We are "YODA", a Taiwanese brand focused on car safety seats and products for children!

Are you worried about your child getting the seatbelt around their neck while in the car? Or having to constantly change the car safety seat as your child grows? YODA has an exclusive adjustable seat cushion that can adapt to different heights, ensuring comfort for children from 100 to 150cm tall. It's also lightweight and space-saving, taking up minimal space whether in use or storage. Whether your car has ISO-FIX or not, YODA's safety seat can fit perfectly, making family travel easier and safer!

    6 Key Features:

    ✨ Adjustable seat cushion
    ✨ Long lifespan
    ✨ Lightweight and space-saving
    ✨ Thoroughly tested
    ✨ Seatbelt guide
    ✨ Universal standard

    *Order Period: 16 July 2024 - 2 August 2024, will be shipped on 28 August 2024.*

    Details of the Early Bird offer are as follows:

    • Enjoy the exclusive super super early bird offer : RM 378!!! (List price: RM 678)
    • One year warranty
    • Free shipment

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    Exceptions in the First 7 Days: We understand some situations may arise. If within the first 7 days of receiving and using the product you face any problems, reach out to us. We'll promptly report to the brand to assess the situation, and if applicable, arrange for spare parts or a 1-to-1 exchange.

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    Contact us
    Whatsapp/Hotline at +60 176930538

    Email: my@searchingc.com

    YODA is a Taiwanese brand focused on car seats and children's products. Most of car seats on the market are bulky, heavy, and inconvenient to carry, and considering the trouble of needing a new seat as your child grows, YODA has a height-adjustable, lightweight car seat to make family travel easier and safer!

    Whether you want to touch and feel the product, learn more details, or seek professional advice, our retail store has you covered. We look forward to engaging with you in person and discussing how YODA can bring more convenience to your life!
    📌 Retail store address :
    Searching C Sdn Bhd, L114,G36 & L1 01-34 Eslite Spectrum, The Starhill, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    YODA is different from others car seats because it has an adjustable height for kids from 100 to 150 cm tall. This makes it great for both little kids and growing kids, keeping them safe and comfortable all the time!

    Don't Limit Child's View!

    In addition to meeting all safety standards, YODA features a belt guide hook that allows you to adjust the length of the connecting strap, making sure the seat belt fits properly on your child's shoulder, providing them protection!

    Designed for children aged 3 to 12, this car seat eliminates the need for frequent replacements. One purchase can meet your needs for many years, saving you both time and money!

    As a product meeting EU ECE R129/ARTC (R44) standards, YODA has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it provides the highest level of safety for your child in any situation.

    YODA follows universal standards, so you can easily install and use it in any car, whether it has an ISO-FIX system or not. It gives you more convenience and options.

    (*ISO-FIX is a standardized car seat attachment system.)

    Weighing only about 4 kg, YODA is compact and doesn't take up much space in your car. It’s easy to store in the trunk or a storage compartment, keeping your car organized.

    Besides being safe, the seat is wider and thicker to make sure your child is comfortable, whether you're on a long trip!

    YODA's car seat was created out of a concern for "family travel."

    Our team understands what parents need in a car seat, so we've created an innovative product that grows with your child while ensuring top safety.

    The YODA car seat saves space in the car and keeps your child comfortable and safe. Your child can sit comfortably and enjoy the view, while you can easily pack all your outdoor gear for a relaxing trip. This isn't just a car seat; it's your new travel buddy.

    FAQ : 

    Q: Can it be used in cars without ISO-FIX?
    A: Yes, you can use it in cars without ISO-FIX. Simply place the car seat on the car seat and secure it with the car's seat belt. It has passed safety tests and is safe to use.

    Q: Are there safety inspection reports and crash tests?
    A: Yes, it has passed Taiwan's CNS11497 and the latest EU R-129 standards. It undergoes rigorous dynamic impact tests for different mass levels and heights.

    Q: What materials are used in YODA?
    A: It is made of durable plastic with a manufacturing date stamped on it, flame-retardant breathable fabric, cushioning foam, and corrosion-resistant metal parts. All materials have passed stringent long-term tests at ARTC.

    Q: Can it really be used from 3 to 12 years old? Is it equally safe throughout?
    A: Every child's growth is different, but it is tested for children weighing 15-36 kg. Measure your child's weight for accuracy. Car seats should be replaced after a crush, but this product has passed long-term corrosion tests and is safe for normal use over time.

    Q: How much can the YODA car seat height be adjusted?
    A: The car seat height can be adjusted from 23 to 27 cm to fit your child's growth and comfort.

    Q: Can the YODA car seat cover be removed and machine washed?
    A: Yes, the cover can be removed, placed in a laundry bag, and machine washed. Hang it to dry afterward.

    Online Customer Service

    YODA Malaysia Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/yodamy
    YODA VIP Group:www.facebook.com/groups/yodamy/
    Contact YODA MY customer service:m.me/yodamy