Early Bird Campaign | WYPE - The New Gen Wet & Dry Vacuum Floor Cleaner

Early Bird Campaign | WYPE - The New Gen Wet & Dry Vacuum Floor Cleaner

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Early Bird Campaign Period

5th October - 31st October 2020

Delivery Date: 30th November 2020 (to be shipped from Hong Kong and will be arriving Malaysia's warehouse in early December). We will ship your order via courier services with GDEX or DHL for local delivery.  Full refund is allowable if there is any delivery delay.

Local Service Centre Level 3A, Sunway Visio Tower, Lingkaran SV, 55100 Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

【Ultra Super Early Bird Offer】

The market retail price of WYPE is RM1,099. We will be providing the following discount offers during the first 72 hours of ULTRA SUPER EARLY BIRD CAMPAIGN:
1) Ultra Super Early Bird Price is RM749 (original price is RM1,099);
2) Free accessory kit worth RM149 (Note)
3) The warranty period will be upgraded to 1 year; and
4) Free shipping fee in Malaysia
(Note) WYPE accessory kit included: 1 x Roller, 1 x Floor Wiping Bar, 1 x Brush Roller, 1 x Solid Trash Box. Please see below pictures for reference. These accessories can be used for 6 to 12 months. 

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We accept credit card payment (including Visa, MasterCard and American Express) and Apple Pay.

Customer Care Support
Whatsapp/Hotline at +60 18-295 2052 / Email: my@searchingc.com


WYPE is a totally new type of floor cleaner than can absorb liquids and brush up solids at the same time. Cracked eggs, cereal and milk, fries, and ketchup, it all disappears inside the absorbent roller leaving nothing but a clean streak behind.  

WYPE 新世代掃拖家用地板清潔機banner12

Unbox Video

Take shaving or cutting your hair (hello quarantine bangs).

You've got hairs, shaving cream, and maybe a bit of water on the floor.

Do you mop that up? Gross, no. Do you grab the vacuum?

Nope, that can't handle liquids. So what do you do?

Simple, you clean it up with one WYPE.

WYPE 新世代掃拖家用地板清潔機8

WYPE 新世代掃拖家用地板清潔機9

WYPE 新世代掃拖家用地板清潔機7



WYPE 新世代掃拖家用地板清潔機20.001 

WYPE 新世代掃拖家用地板清潔機 轉動方向

006 (1)


WYPE 可使用殺菌清潔劑以清理地板

 WYPE 靜音處理

WYPE 新世代掃拖家用地板清潔機1231



WYPE 新世代掃拖家用地板清潔機 Kickstarter and indiegogo 2

WYPE 新世代掃拖家用地板清潔機 Kickstarter and indiegogo 1

Q:How to assemble WYPE?

A: Check this video. Please put the roller inside water and pressing it for 3 minutes while first time use.

Q:How WYPE vacuum works? 

A:WYPE is designed with an advance roller that moves at opposite direction, depositing all the guck into the spillproof container and auto self-cleaning after absord solids with liquid.

Q:Does long hair get roll in WYPE?

A:There is a patented design in the roller, it's work out to cut for it once get roll.

Q:How many sq.ft should I place WYPE for self-cleaning after use? 

A:You will need to place WYPE back to the smart station for self-cleaning after 150-200 sq.ft or alternative 100 sq.ft if the place is with more dirt.

Q:Will the sponge roller get hard if keep away for a long time?

A:The sponge roller will getting hard without water in 5-7 days. You may place inside the water and pressing for 3 minutes once encountered.

Q:How come the cleaning to be effective if the roller is just with a little water?

A:There is a brush roller and floor wiping bar inside the roller, both are designed for wet and dry trashes.

Q:Does tanks inside smart station able to take out and clean?

A:Tanks are unable to take out for cleaning, it will be fine if just fill with cleaning products.

Q:Can I use hot water for cleaning?

A:Please use water below 50°C to avoid sponge getting spoil.

Q:Which type of cleaning product should I use?

A:Please use non-foaming cleaning products (etc. detergent, 1:99 bleach...) or alternative WYPE will make foam on floor.

Q:Why mopping is able to work while it is without water?

There are 2 tanks separated in WYPE smart station, it will work with clean water and keep dirty water in different tank.

Q:What should I take note after used WYPE?


– Place WYPE for self-cleaning, pour out dirty water and clean the tank.

– Wipe metal parts to keep long-lasting.

The sponge roller will start getting hard while no use more than 3-5 days. You may place inside the water and pressing for 3 minutes once encountered.

– We recommended to brush the frame twice a week to keep effective cleaning.

Q:What is the capacity of clean & dirt water tanks?

A:Clean Water Tank 3.3L;Dirty Water Tank 3.5L. 1.1L for every single cleaning.

Q:Which accessory I have to change equally?

A:We recommended to change the

– Roller: up to 6-12 months.

– Brush Roller: every 12 months

- Floor Wiping Bar & Solid Waste Box: every 6 months

** Depends on cleaning area and environment.

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BEHOW is a startup focused on reinventing how we clean.

Our mission is to make cleaning easier and better by applying radical engineering to something the entire world agrees on: cleaning sucks.

Because we don’t just want to reinvent another iteration of the same flawed product, our slogan is simple: BEHOW, Next Level Clean.

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