Vibdome Rechargeable Balance Ball (Ready Stock) - Searching C Malaysia
Vibdome Rechargeable Balance Ball (Ready Stock) - Searching C Malaysia
Vibdome Rechargeable Balance Ball (Ready Stock) - Searching C Malaysia
Vibdome Rechargeable Balance Ball (Ready Stock) - Searching C Malaysia
Vibdome Rechargeable Balance Ball (Ready Stock) - Searching C Malaysia

Vibdome Rechargeable Balance Ball (Ready Stock)

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There are all kinds of vibrating items on the market, but nothing like the VibDome. This was one of the main reasons we developed the VibDome. We wanted to make something that was not available on the market. So we changed our approach to consider not only the products, but also the equipment and processes that support them.

Our team works at a distance where everyone can talk to each other. Sometimes we shout at each other, but when it comes to developing new products, we naturally step to one side.

  • VibDome is a dome-shaped balance ball with a vibration function.

VibDome] is a dome-shaped balance ball with a vibration function.

You can get a full workout just by getting on it at home or in other small spaces.

Are you feeling a lack of exercise as you rarely go outside?

Even if you decide to train at home, your room space is limited and your training repertoire may be limited and you may get bored.

It would be great if you could train at home while having fun at the same time.

VibDome] is a dome-shaped balance ball that allows even those who are not good at exercising to perform various muscle training exercises in a space-saving environment at home.

Unlike ordinary balance balls, it is equipped with a vibration function that increases the difficulty level of muscle training in stages.

In addition, it is an excellent product that also supports cooling down after exercise.

Get your workout in at home!

  • Active core training with a balance ball

With the VibDome, even in a small space at home, it can quickly turn into a gym.

Unlike spherical balance balls, the VibDome is a semi-circular balance ball, so the body does not move dynamically.

Therefore, even beginners and people who are not good at exercise can also be effective trunk training at home.

  • If you are concerned about a protruding belly,
  • Deposit your back and legs for a sit-up

If you are concerned about your protruding abdomen, you can do sit-ups by depositing [VibDome] on your back or legs.

The repertoire of sit-ups is greater than that of sit-ups without equipment, and the load on the abdominal muscles can be changed depending on how it is used.

Those who want to achieve muscular arms and chest plates can push up with their arms, legs, and knees on the 【VibDome】.

When you push up with the [VibDome] upside down and in an unstable position, you can also train your inner muscles other than your arms to keep your balance.

If your legs and back are dull from working at a desk, squat while riding on the [VibDome].

Since the balance ball has an unstable center of gravity, exercise beginners can strengthen the inner muscles that are not normally used to maintain balance by simply standing on top of the [VibDome] upside down.

Of course, [VibDome] has a 200kg load capacity to withstand hard training.

Advanced trainers can freely use dumbbells and tubes for compound training.

It is great to be able to train at home whenever you want and as much as you want.

  • Vibration function for muscle training without moving

Even advanced trainers and exercise beginners may find that a standard balance ball is not enough for them as they get used to it.

VibDome has a vibration function that allows the body to shake electrically for vibration training.

If you ride on the ball with the vibration on, your center of gravity becomes even more unstable, dramatically increasing the level of difficulty and the effect of exercise!

Moreover, the vibration can be adjusted in 4 levels.

This is especially recommended for those who want to increase the effect of exercise in a short time.

  • Rechargeable and can be operated by remote control

No power cord is required for the vibration function of the  VibDome.

VibDome  is rechargeable, so it can be used anywhere for vibration training.

Furthermore, VibDome comes with a ring-shaped remote control.

It is very convenient to adjust the vibration with a fingertip, without having to press the switch on the main unit every time.

Circuit training using 【VibDome】 can also be performed smoothly.

  • Also supports post-workout muscle care

After exercise, you need to cool down by stretching, kneading and tapping your muscles.

The vibrating function of the VibDome supports your cooling down easily.

[VibDome] supports post-workout muscle care for large muscle groups such as the gluteus maximus, quadriceps, calves, and biceps, simply by placing it on the body.

VibDome] is also made of soft material, so you can stretch your back muscles by lying on your back.

It can also be used as an aid for stretching stiffened shoulder blades and legs after exercise.

Balance balls are also troublesome to aerate after exercise, so if left as they are, they will float away from the room interior and are not very cool.

[VibDome] has a stylish, urban design.

The chic two-tone color combination of glossy black and matte black makes it a great match for any interior in a Western-style room.

You will surely feel excited if you train your muscles with the sporty design of 【VibDome】while listening to the groovy music.

We hope you will use VibDome to achieve your ideal body.

  • Method of use

Vibration function

How to use and charge the battery

  • STEP 1

Press and hold the switch button for 2 seconds to turn it on and activate the vibration in mode 1. Press and hold for 2 seconds again to turn off the switch.

  • STEP 2 

Pressing the switch button while the power is on will raise the mode sequentially. The current mode can be checked by the color of the LED light on the top of the VibDome.

  • STEP 3 

With the  Vib Dome turned on, press the button on the remote control briefly five times to pair. After that, each press of the button will change the mode.

  • Charging

Charge the battery using the included USB-TypeC cord. VibDome】 The LED light on the top of the VibDome turns on and off, and turns green when charging is complete. Charging time is approximately 4.5 hours.

For training at home

For those who feel they do not get enough exercise on a regular basis

Suitable for beginners

For trainees who demand high loads.

For those who want a full training program in a short time.