SuperDaily - Superman Daily Bag (Delivery Date: 3 January)
SuperDaily - Superman Daily Bag (Delivery Date: 3 January)
SuperDaily - Superman Daily Bag (Delivery Date: 3 January)
SuperDaily - Superman Daily Bag (Delivery Date: 3 January)
SuperDaily - Superman Daily Bag (Delivery Date: 3 January)
SuperDaily - Superman Daily Bag (Delivery Date: 3 January)
SuperDaily - Superman Daily Bag (Delivery Date: 3 January)
SuperDaily - Superman Daily Bag (Delivery Date: 3 January)

SuperDaily - Superman Daily Bag (Delivery Date: 3 January)

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"! Forgot to bring a shopping bag again!"
It's not that you are forgetful, but that there is no design that fits your daily life.
We start from the essential small bag for modern people
Design a small bag that is both environmentally friendly and fashionable

  • Recycled material-made from recycled PET bottle yarn
  • Big packs in seconds-get large capacity quickly! !
  • Turns into small packets in seconds-patented structure turns into small packets in seconds
  • High water repellent-small and large bags are water repellent
  • Made in Taiwan-quality first, insist on local factory

▎Change shopping bag in seconds

Tear off the back buckle to increase the capacity in one second, without taking out the items in the small bag, and changing into a shopping bag in a second is super fast!

"Smart Design"
Just adjust the "small bag strap" to the shortest to become a "shopping bag strap"!

▎Return to a small packet in seconds

The patented patch structure allows you to store it quickly, no more messy stuffing!

"What is the patch structure?"
We affixed elastic and flexible cloth sheets to the inside of the shopping bag, which are neatly arranged in the shape of nine square grids. The permanent creases formed between the cloth sheets will bring you a super convenient folding experience!

▲ Each piece of cloth is manually laminated, and non-toxic and environmentally friendly water-based glue is used as the bonding material.

▎Use recycled materials

The "fabric" of Superman's daily bag is made of 100% recycled PET bottle yarn. A bag is equivalent to "17 PET bottles"!

We carefully select fabric factories that have obtained the "Global Recycling Certification (GRS)" to ensure that the products delivered to consumers are truly environmentally friendly!

"What is Global Recycling Certification (GRS)?"

Obtaining "GRS Certification" represents that the fabric of Superman's daily bag meets the following 3 conditions:

1. The raw material is composed of recycled fibers and is 100% pollution-free.
2. In the process of processing, comply with wastewater treatment requirements and chemical restrictions.
3. The company guarantees the health and safety of workers and complies with social responsibility norms.

▎The fabric is water repellent

The outer fabric of the small bag is water-repellent, and it has a great protection effect in general light rain or liquid splashing!
In the case of heavy rain or continuous infiltration, water will still seep from the seams of the fabric and the slits of the zipper.

The inside and outside of the shopping bag are treated with water repellent, so it is easy to clean when contaminated with dirt!
It is absolutely no problem to put in fresh food! But it does not have the function of holding liquid for a long time.

▎The main space of the small bag contains your imagination

The "2 small and 1 large" compartment design in the bag perfectly accommodates everyone's daily life!

▎Magnetic suction bag mouth design

Take things with one hand, open and close easily, taking things is so simple and fast!

▎The front pocket space is super powerful

Large and small compartment design-all small things that need to be cached are suitable for placing here.

Zipper pouch-more protection for the cache, a caring safe space.

Exclusive pen storage space-every time you need a pen, you are a hero!

▎Personal pocket design

The storage pocket is located on the back of the small bag, and the design close to the body allows you to safely store your belongings!

When it becomes a shopping bag, the position of the close-fitting pocket remains the same, and there is no need to take out the contents, and the storage function is uninterrupted!

▎Shopping bag has both strength and appearance

With a weight resistance of 10kg, you can install as much as you want!

Different from ordinary bags, the tough sewing method of Superman's daily bag is the secret of heavy-duty.

The inside of the shopping bag is made of Ripstop tear-resistant fabric, and the bottom of the bag and the strap are not easily broken by the "thick straight and horizontal axis" weave!

﹛We want to give you more design ingenuity﹜

▎Little ingenuity①

The shopping bag is folded on the outside of the small bag
It does not occupy the space of the small bag, and there is no need to take out the contents of the small bag when it is deformed. What's even better is that the deformation movement is very light and will not mess up the contents of the bag. This is a super convenient dual-use design!

▎Little ingenuity②

When it becomes a shopping bag, the items in the small bag are still easy to take
The deformed small bag is located close to the upper end of the shopping bag, and you can quickly get the items in the small bag during crazy purchases!

﹛Every moment, make you environmentally friendly and fashionable﹜

▎When purchasing daily necessities

▎When the supermarket picks up the goods

▎Facing various occasions at work and class

﹛Go out easily and go home easily﹜

You who are environmentally friendly and stylish, we understand.
It's that simple to have both appearance and practicality!
Join the new trend of environmental protection and fashion together!

▎Color selection

Packet color
▼ Simple Black

Available colors for shopping bag
▼ Twilight Blue

▼ Simple Black 


Size:Packet:25 x 18 x 6 cm, Shopping Bag:40 x 43 x 1 cm
Material:100% rPET, 100% Polyester