Simpresso - Enjoy Espresso Anytime & Anywhere (Pre-order)
Simpresso - Enjoy Espresso Anytime & Anywhere (Pre-order)
Simpresso - Enjoy Espresso Anytime & Anywhere (Pre-order)
Simpresso - Enjoy Espresso Anytime & Anywhere (Pre-order)
Simpresso - Enjoy Espresso Anytime & Anywhere (Pre-order)

Simpresso - Enjoy Espresso Anytime & Anywhere (Pre-order)

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Simpresso is a new portable espresso machine compatible with Nespresso® OriginalLine capsules and homemade smart capsules.

  • Efficient & innovative.
  • Double-wall heat insulated.
  • Flexible 120ML / 4.06OZ water tank.
  • Maximum pressure 19 BARS/275 PSI.
  • Thoughtful smart capsule x 4.
  • Compact & lightweight.
  • 100% BPA free.


The patented mechanical operated pistol is linked to a leverage input handle, which requires little effort and ensures optimal extraction pressure on each press. It makes a great espresso with rich crema!

Double-wall heat insulated transparent water tank to see how much hot water is in the tank and to keep the hands safe from any burns when holding it.

120 ml Water Tank capacity so you can enjoy a wide range of Espresso styles from Ristretto to Lungo.

Simpesso maximum pressure of 19 bars / 275 PSI

Simpresso generates pressure from 15 to 19 bars (217 to 275 PSI)


SImpresso includes 4 pcs reusable "Smart Capsules" for your all day trip and your family enjoyment!

Use your favorite freshly ground coffee in our encapsulated Reusable Smart Capsule coffee pods

Use Nespresso® Original capsules and most of the compatibles.

Simpresso complies with major safety
approvals for food contact materials. It is a 100% BPA free material and food contact safe material.

SIMPRESSO Package includes:

1 pc Simpresso unit

1 pc detachable transparent cup

4 pc set smart capsules

1 pc set NS capsule filter basket

1 pc waterproof travel bag

1 pc scoop

1 pc instruction book.


After using the Simpresso, you will say "No" to your coffee machine and French Press! Also, you will stop spending for over priced espresso at the coffee shop again!

Simpresso is designed to be the most compact, all-in-one handheld espresso machine, which is absolutely lightweight for putting into backpacks, suitcases, daily bags, etc.