Seinxon - Slimmest Find My and Android Item Finder (Ready Stock)
Seinxon - Slimmest Find My and Android Item Finder (Ready Stock)
Seinxon - Slimmest Find My and Android Item Finder (Ready Stock)
Seinxon - Slimmest Find My and Android Item Finder (Ready Stock)
Seinxon - Slimmest Find My and Android Item Finder (Ready Stock)
Seinxon - Slimmest Find My and Android Item Finder (Ready Stock)
Seinxon - Slimmest Find My and Android Item Finder (Ready Stock)

Seinxon - Slimmest Find My and Android Item Finder (Ready Stock)

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Officially certified Apple Find My feature, no longer lose your most important belongings! 📱💼

Have you ever lost something important? Whether it's a handbag, mobile phone, backpack, or your beloved purse, when they go missing, you may regret not equipping them with a tracker. 😔❓ Unfortunately, the trackers available on the market are bulky, difficult to conceal, and some can only be used once without the ability to recharge, which can be very inconvenient! 😫😣 However, Seinxon's globally thinnest card-shaped anti-loss device, compatible with Apple devices (supporting Find My feature) and Android, perfectly solves these problems. Its shape resembles a credit card, making it easy to store and recharge, providing greater convenience! 💡🔋

🔥 —— 6 Key Features ——

🔌⚡ Rechargeable Design | One full charge lasts up to approximately six months 

💳✨ Compact Design | Sized and shaped like a credit card for easy use 

💡🔊 LED Ringing | When you're searching for your belongings, Seinxon emits light and sound, making it easy for you to find them 

🚶‍♀️📢 Out-of-Range Reminder | When you're too far away from your belongings, Seinxon reminds you to take them along 

🍎🌍 Apple Official Certification | Supports the 'Apple Find My' feature, easily locating your belongings 

🌊💦 IP68 Waterproof | Can operate normally underwater up to 1.5 meters for thirty minutes 

Suppose the tracked item is initially at Location A, and the last Bluetooth connection with the phone was also at Location A. However, later, the item was moved to Location B, and the phone had already moved out of the Bluetooth search range (within 60 meters). In that case, if you check on the app, Android users will only see that the item is still at Location A, while Apple users will be able to use Find My to see that the item is now at Location B. 📍📲

The large card comes in Graphite Gray color, and the small card comes in Hermès Orange color. 📇🎨

Having lost what matters is a painful experience. How many more times are you going to go through it?

On top of that, the average person loses 3,000 items each year in the US. And In 2021, Pixie data shows that lost products cost more than $2.5 billion to replace. More than twice a week, nearly 1/4 of Americans lose house keys, wallets, pets, phones, glasses, headphones, remotes, suitcases, or children's favorite items. 

There are indeed some item finder gadgets available on the market that may be useful. However, they are either not too smooth or too heavy. You also have to purchase accessories to wear with you — which is an additional cost.

Your items are now protected by Seinxon finder

  • Children: With Seinxon, you can see your children's position in time, and say goodbye to worry.
  • Elderly:  With Seinxon, your parents can find their wants quickly.
  • Pets: With Seinxon, you can find your pets in time.
  • You: Save time, save money, and more importantly keep the love alive

Your valuables will be protected and kept safe with Seinxon by your side, and you won't have to worry about it anymore — 100% Truly Save Time & Save Money & Solve Trouble.

Bluetooth 5.2 Function

Lost Reminder

When your mobile phone is connected with the Seinxon card and leaves the Bluetooth search distance of the device, a notification will be sent in time.

Flashing LED & Alarm

When you are within the searchable distance of Bluetooth, you can click "Play sound" through the APP, and the device will Flashing LED&Alarm. You can find it by listening to where it rings. Furthermore, the product will glow even if you can find it in a dark scene.

Reverse Search Phone

When the device is connected with the "Seinxon Android APP", long press the button on the Seinxon card to reverse search your phone (currently only for Android users). Therefore, you don't even need to worry about losing your mobile phone.

One-click to take a photo

In addition, Seinxon has a very interesting function. When you are within the Bluetooth range, you can open your "Seinxon App"(Android) and select "Take Photo" and click to take a photo. It's also like a selfie stick

Makes it easy to keep track of your  APPLE® devices — even if they’re offline.
You can keep up with friends and family anytime & anywhere.
Your private information is protected every step of the way.

*** Remark: Please use the  APPLE® Find My APP on the  APPLE® device to use Seinxon products directly.

Seinxon Finder Card have a strong Supply Chain & Integrated Compression Production Technology, we can get recognized and cooperate with APPLE®.

We held meetings with APPLE® TEAM for evaluating the product and discussing other details, and we made it, which is also a guarantee of the quality of our products— so we are worth your trust!

Seinxon's full-fledged Android app can be downloaded from Google Play or the Android App Store.

Although start-up, we have a dream! And Seinxon was founded with the intention of protecting the Earth — a mission we continue to pursue in our long-term development.

  • To increase sustainability, we use marine waste plastics and bio-based plastics.
  • Use recycled sustainable paper materials on the packaging.

When the weather is hot and your puppy needs a swim, you only need to sit back and enjoy your favorite cold beverage. 

You no longer need to worry about the location and safety of your puppy, you and your pet can enjoy a free and happy time.

Green, Blue, or Red? — Let you be the coolest one at night.

Amazing! A 100% Truly Your Money-Safety Protector.

  • Flashing LED & alarm.
  • Safety RFID Anti-theft Technology

Not only locates your wallets quickly and accurately but also effectively protects your personal information and credit cards.