QuietOn 3 Active Noise Cancelling Earbud
QuietOn 3 Active Noise Cancelling Earbud
QuietOn 3 Active Noise Cancelling Earbud
QuietOn 3 Active Noise Cancelling Earbud
QuietOn 3 Active Noise Cancelling Earbud

QuietOn 3 Active Noise Cancelling Earbud

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No matter it's the snoring of your partner, the low hum without a source, or sudden disturbing noises, QuietOn3 can actively cancel out their volume and help you easily get rid of the noise troubles and sleepless nightmares.


Do you have these troubles?

"Every night, the snoring of your partner keeps you awake..."

"When you want to sleep, the noise from passing cars and roadworks won't stop..."

"Your workplace is always noisy, making it hard to concentrate..."


Powerful ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) technology

Since when did "wanting a quiet night's sleep" become a luxury? Every night, the noise of cars on the street and snoring from your partner disturb you. Is there no way to "turn off" these sounds?

Getting a good rest and replenishing your energy for the next day is actually quite simple: let aerospace-grade ANC active noise-cancelling technology isolate these noises for you!


What is ANC active noise-cancelling?

Many loud noises in daily life can be uncomfortable and disrupt daily routines, such as transportation or machine sounds, snoring during sleep, or late-night honking. Not to mention the noise in the range of 2000-5000 hertz, such as the sound of chalk scraping on a blackboard, which has been found to send annoying signals to the amygdala and produce aversion when people hear this type of sound.

The principle of ANC (active noise canceling or noise reduction) is not to "eliminate" the noise, but to cancel the amplitude of the original noise by generating equidistant phase-shifted sound waves, reducing its volume by more than 40 dB. It has been widely used in reducing engine noise. QuietOn3 uses this technology in earplugs, greatly reducing the size while actively canceling noise, and does not affect the quality of your sleep.

ANC active noise-cancelling technology can be divided into three types of noise reduction systems: Feed-forward, Feedback, and Hybrid, which differ mainly in the placement of the microphone for picking up external sounds. From the first generation of internal systems to the latest external system, QuietOn can quickly detect sound wave signals, perform digital processing, and send analog anti-phase waves. It is currently the smallest and most efficient active noise-cancelling device on the market. Bluetooth earphones such as BOSE, SONY, and Apple AirPods Pro also use the same technology to achieve noise-cancelling effects.

The key lies in the engineers' mastery of DSP digital signal processing technology and analog conversion, which affects users' subjective auditory experience. QuietOn has been deeply involved in these areas for many years and continues to strive to create noise isolation devices that meet the needs of daily life.

You may have had similar experiences: you have tried several foam earplugs, but you still can't fall asleep at night due to your partner's snoring or the noise from outside. For low-frequency noise (noise between 200-500Hz), the QuietOn3 active noise-cancelling anti-snoring earplugs can reduce at least twice the volume compared to general foam earplugs, bringing you a good night's sleep!

Put your old foam earplugs aside now! With QuietOn3, you can enjoy a peaceful night without any disturbances, and you don't have to complain about your partner's snoring anymore.

Size Does Matter!

What especially sets QuietOn 3 apart from the other devices out there is the size – yes, in your ear it does matter! These earbuds are the world’s smallest ANC devices. They are designed to take you to a Nordic oasis of tranquility even in the most difficult noise circumstances. Ergonomically designed so you won’t even notice them, you’ll sleep away like a proverbial princess or prince or whoever you want to be! 


QuietOn3 is not only a market-leading active noise-cancellation device with the world's smallest form factor and an ergonomic design that fits the contours of the human ear. Our design team has devoted a considerable amount of time and effort to make the user experience more intuitive and comfortable!

The product is removed from the charging box and can be used immediately. No buttons or set up needed. When you put them back inside the case, the charging happens automatically.

Given their long battery life, the earbuds can be used without having to worry about recharging - or waking up at night unexpectedly to your partner’s snoring. Just remember to charge the case battery once per week.

Since its early days, the inspiration for QuietOn has lied in a tranquil Nordic soundscape both technically and aesthetically. The design and materials are made without compromises, aiming to provide the feeling of quietude and tranquility to everyone in need. To ensure the best possible user experience, as well as to indicate the battery life when the charging case is opened or closed, we are using real stainless steel and embedding light guides. This and other features are fine-tuned details to give QuietOn 3 the luxury look and feeling it deserves.

All the technical solutions including batteries, electronics and mechanics are made to last. This is achieved by great design work as well as outstanding quality control in the manufacturing, such as tight audio and battery tests.

Designed For The Ear Anatomy

For a normal sized adult's outer ear, the shell of the earbud typically fits inside the concha, between the crus of helix and the antitragus. Because of this position and the slimness of the earbud, side sleepers don’t feel the pressure.

Another important feature is how the shape of QuietOn 3 is designed to reach the ear canal without stretching the tragus.

The width of the ear canal varies from person to person. Given that QuietOn 3 comes with four different sizes of foam tips, it is ensured that the device fits best into different sized ear canals.

"Just how good are the QuietOn at canceling sounds? In a word: Fantastic." - Digital Trends

"Now both of you can get a good night’s sleep.” - Huffpost

“QuietOn earplugs allow you to create a “personal space” even though the world around you is chaos.” - iReviews

"These QuietOn Noise Cancelling Earbuds have won the Best New Sleep Product Award and are exceptionally comfortable. They’re brilliant at blocking out sounds at low frequencies." - news.com.au