O₃ Kobin  Ozone Water Generator (Ready Stock)
O₃ Kobin  Ozone Water Generator (Ready Stock)
O₃ Kobin  Ozone Water Generator (Ready Stock)
O₃ Kobin  Ozone Water Generator (Ready Stock)
O₃ Kobin  Ozone Water Generator (Ready Stock)

O₃ Kobin Ozone Water Generator (Ready Stock)

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Since the start of the pandemic, everyone has been paying great attention to hygiene. After touching things, we would use alcohol-based hand sanitizers or even spray alcohol. I understand that everyone wants to maintain cleanliness, but can we avoid spraying it all over ourselves and others? If at this point, you're wondering how to clean without using alcohol, then this product should be able to answer your question!

Effective antibacterial properties, perfect for wound care and cleansing!

The ozone concentration in the bottle is 0.9ppm. This concentration is not harmful to the human body and effectively harnesses the benefits of ozone water.

Taiwan-US Testing Report | TAF (Taiwan Accreditation Foundation) certified laboratory, testing the sterilization effectiveness after 15 minutes of electrolysis.

SGS Testing Report, E. coli Sterilization Test Report after 30 seconds of electrolysis!

Pet odors, body odors, utensils, refrigerator, cigarettes, cigars, carpets, paint, new furniture (formaldehyde, toluene), bad breath, car air purification, body odor, intimate odors, foot odor, and more.

The high permeability of ozone water can enhance oral cleanliness and maintenance.

Pre-makeup facial cleansing: Spray on the face before applying makeup to keep the face clean.

Post-makeup residue removal: Ozone water penetrates into the skin to break down any leftover makeup residue.

Nighttime wet compress: After the exfoliation of the skin's keratin layer, various bacteria can multiply.

Spray ozone water on a cotton pad and gently apply it to the face for 10 minutes to renew the skin by eliminating old and dead skin cells.

One of the functions of ozone water is to decompose organic substances (residual pesticides) attached to food ingredients, while also helping to extend the shelf life of fresh food, allowing for safer and more hygienic consumption!