NEARNESS - The Face Mask Buckle (Ready Stock)
NEARNESS - The Face Mask Buckle (Ready Stock)
NEARNESS - The Face Mask Buckle (Ready Stock)
NEARNESS - The Face Mask Buckle (Ready Stock)
NEARNESS - The Face Mask Buckle (Ready Stock)

NEARNESS - The Face Mask Buckle (Ready Stock)

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Product Features

  1. Magnetic fastening for quick and easy wearing.
  2. Adjustable tightness according to individual needs.
  3. Multiple wearing positions.
  4. Improves the fit of the mask, ensuring a better seal.
  5. Compact and easy to carry.
  6. Minimalist design for easy cleaning.

Background Story

Masks have become an essential item in our daily lives. In recent years, people have become increasingly concerned about air pollution and the health risks associated with PM2.5 particles.

Furthermore, the global outbreak of the pandemic last year has made masks a necessary protective gear that must be worn in our daily lives.

Despite the increasing variety of mask styles and designs, issues with masks still seem to persist...

Ear Painful by Face Mask:

The better the mask fits the face, the more effective it is. However, the closer the mask fits the face, the shorter or tighter the ear loops need to be, which can exert more pressure on the ears. Prolonged or frequent wearing of masks can lead to ear pain or even inflammation.

Inconvenience caused by Face Mask:

In daily life, whether it's wearing glasses, headphones, goggles, or safety helmets, there are often situations where the mask gets in the way. For example, you might put on a safety helmet and realize you forgot to wear your mask, or when you try to remove the mask, your glasses come off as well. Occasionally, you may just want to take a sip of a drink but find it difficult to do so while wearing a mask.



All the above issues can be solved by

Magnetic fastening allows for quick detachment and effortless wearing

Taking off or putting on is a matter of seconds, without any unnecessary hooks or components. There's no need to worry about it coming loose or not being securely attached. After multiple calculations and verifications, we have chosen neodymium magnets, using the smallest volume and lightest weight to achieve maximum strength.

Convenient to wear, making everyday life and dining more enjoyable.

Quickly adjust the tightness according to your needs.

It can be used with different types and styles of masks, regardless of the shape, style, or material of the ear loops. The adjustable button can be customized to fit your head and face shape, allowing for easy adjustments based on different requirements and environments. You can easily make the mask fit more snugly or loosen it as needed, providing a wider range of mask options and allowing for a more independent and flexible wearing experience.

Suitable for outdoor sports and leisure activities, for both adults and children.

Multiple wearing positions available

Since everyone has different head shapes and hairstyles, it may not be possible to secure it in the same position for everyone. However, the adjustable button can be used in various positions, such as behind the neck or behind the head, to accommodate individual preferences and needs.

Enhances the mask's seal and fit

The tightness of a mask is directly related to its protective effectiveness. By extending the mask's ear loops from their original position behind the ears, it increases tension and improves the mask's seal. The adjustable button can transfer the tension of the ear loops from the ears to the head or neck, allowing for both comfort and protection to be achieved simultaneously.

Compact and easy to carry

The size is moderate, making it convenient for carrying and storage on the go. The embedded magnets are secure enough to prevent easy loss or accidental slipping out of pockets unnoticed.

It can be magnetically attached to any surface that is magnet-friendly, allowing it to stay securely in place even when not in use or when the mask is taken off. Once attached, it is less likely to be accidentally knocked off or misplaced, making it easily accessible whenever you need it.

The minimalist structure makes it easy to clean

It is made of liquid silicone material, which is skin-friendly, non-toxic, comfortable, and soft to wear. It is easy to clean and disinfect, as it can be directly washed with water or sprayed with alcohol.

When undoing the magnetic clasp, simply gently push it outward with your thumb.

Multiple color options available