LiberLive C1 Stringless Accompaniment Guitar (Ready Stock)

LiberLive C1 Stringless Accompaniment Guitar (Ready Stock)

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  • Chord synthesizer | Interactive sheet music | Automatic drum machine | External audio device
  • Follow the interactive score app | Quickly get through the beginner phase | Decompose chords
  • Column chord | Sampling synthesis technique | Custom chord
  • Brand: LiberLive

Model: C1

Body weight: 1788g

Body size (folded state): 416 x 164 x 81mm (length x width x thickness)

Body size (unfolded): 808 x264 x81mm (length x width x thickness)

Qin body material:

Working environment: 0-40 degrees Celsius

Folding loss: 8000 times

Paddle loss: 1000.000 times

Chord pad loss: greater than 1000000 times

Battery life: Using built-in speakers (approximately 6 hours) and external devices (approximately 12 hours)

Automatic shutdown time: 10 minutes

Charging: MAX DC 5V 3A USB Type-C

Charging time: approximately 2 hours

Battery capacity: 3.7 V2000 mAh x2 polymer battery

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