Joriole Underarm Moisturizing Hair Removal Cream (Ready Stock)
Joriole Underarm Moisturizing Hair Removal Cream (Ready Stock)

Joriole Underarm Moisturizing Hair Removal Cream (Ready Stock)

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  • No black spots on private hair removal | Spring Warbler Private Hair Removal Cream 150g
  • Deep hair removal | Delayed growth | Soothing and nourishing
  • Hair Removal and Skin Nourishing SPA Enjoying the Light of Free Spring | Specially developed for delicate skin in private areas
  • Targeted hair removal black technology | Private deep hair removal without leaving black spots
  • Anti hair and slow growth technology | Delays the growth of intimate hair | Refuses repeated shedding
  • Multiple plant extracts | Soothing and nourishing private and delicate skin | No redness or itching after removal
Private hair removal for better intimate hair suppression and gentle skin care
1 bottle = hair removal + hair suppression + skincare
Product parameters
Brand: Joriole/Spring Warbler
Product Name: Private Hair Removal Cream
Specification: 150g/bottle
Origin: Netherlands
Main ingredients: water, glycerol, cetyl alcohol, aloe vera extract, jojoba oil extract, vitamin E, avocado extract, cetyl alcohol, calcium hydroxide
Storage pipeline: Store in a cool and dry place, please keep out of reach of children
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