imStone|High Tech Wireless Charging Notebook - Searching C Malaysia
imStone|High Tech Wireless Charging Notebook - Searching C Malaysia
imStone|High Tech Wireless Charging Notebook - Searching C Malaysia
imStone|High Tech Wireless Charging Notebook - Searching C Malaysia

imStone - High Tech Wireless Charging Notebook (Pre-order)

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Don't let your personal information be stolen again!

  • The High Tech Wireless Charging Binder keeps your information safe from scanning devices that can steal your information
  • Functions as a power bank.
  • Phones can be charged wireless or with the charging cables.
  • It’s got plenty of space for all of your credit cards and stone paper inserts.
  • Fully utilize the charging cables if you would like to charge your phone at FULL speed.
  • Finally, you can have your trees, paper and phones too!



 18 cm × 23.8 cm × 4 cm (7 1/16" × 9 3/8" × 1 9/16")
Cover Material: PU leather
imSTONE Rewritable Pages Inserts:
 weekly planner (56 sheets), check list (8 sheets), prioritization matrix (8 sheets), square pages (16 sheets), and blank pages (16 sheets); 104 sheets (208 pages) in total

Additional Features:

  • RFID blocking cover
  • 4 card slots
  • Cover pockets to secure and charge your phone
  • Pen loop
  • Magnetic fastener with an 8G USB flash drive
  • USB In Port
  • Lightning Out Port
  • Micro USB Out Port
  • Micro USB to Type-C Adapter
  • Battery Capacity Indicator with 4 LED

Suitable Writing Tools: ballpoint pen, erasable pen, pencil, permanent marker

Don’ts of Using a Power Bank

  1. Don’t charge devices with different charging specifications

Never use the power bank to charge electrical devices it is not designed to charge. Otherwise, it could potentially damage the external battery charger.

  1. Don’t expose the power bank to wet environment

Always make sure to keep the power bank in a cool, dry place. Never immerse it in liquids, chemicals, soap or detergent.

  1. Don’t disassemble the power bank on your own

If you’re having problems with the device, refer to the user’s manual. Don’t disassemble, repair, or replace its parts without professional guidance.

  1. Don’t drop the power bank

The power bank contains a circuit board and other fragile components inside. Always make sure to handle it carefully. Don’t drop or throw it.


 **1 year warranty