IDE’E LIVING Ice-Peak Quilt (Ready Stock)
IDE’E LIVING Ice-Peak Quilt (Ready Stock)

IDE’E LIVING Ice-Peak Quilt (Ready Stock)

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The commercially available coolness value Qmax only needs to exceed 0.14 to be considered a coolness blanket.

Our Ice Peak blanket uses a Japanese super-cooling fabric with a coolness coefficient of up to 0.44, which is three times cooler than what is available on the market!

The Ice Peak blanket features a dual-sided design with a refreshing icy material on one side and soft jersey cotton on the other, making it suitable for all seasons. It is designed to be super lightweight, thin, and comfortable, weighing only 1300g.

The entire blanket is machine washable, making it easy to clean. The Ice Peak blanket also incorporates breathable mesh fabric to prevent stuffiness and overheating during sleep.


Q: Is it necessary to wash before use?

A: The Ice Peak series products can be used directly after opening, and there is no special need for washing before use. However, if it is your personal preference, you can still wash them before using them.

Q: What should I pay attention to when washing? (IMPORTANT)
A: When washing, please use a neutral and mild detergent and choose a gentle washing cycle. If your washing machine has a high spin speed or lacks a gentle cycle function, it is recommended to hand wash to avoid damaging the fabric fibers. If using a washing machine, be sure to use a laundry bag and wash separately from other garments. Use cold water for washing (water temperature should not exceed 30°C ). After washing, please hang it to dry. Do not tumble dry, dry clean, or iron the item.

Q: Will the cooling effect gradually diminish with more frequent washing?
A: The Ice Peak series products are made of cool-feel satin fabric, and the cooling effect is achieved through the fabric itself rather than the use of added chemicals. Therefore, the cooling effect does not diminish after washing. It is a physical cooling effect, which not only ensures safety and environmental friendliness but also provides better and longer-lasting cooling sensation.

Q: Will it cause snagging or pilling?

A: Under normal washing and regular use, it will not cause snagging or pilling (tested with an abrasion resistance coefficient of 4.5). However, using the wrong washing method, personal usage habits, or prolonged friction, such as rubbing against rough facial hair or rough skin on the feet, can potentially cause fiber breakage and localized pilling on the fabric.

Q: If there is pilling, how should it be handled?

A: It is recommended to first use a fabric shaver to remove the pills. After removing the pills, you can switch to hand washing and minimize friction on the fabric to improve the condition.