Glens - Ultra-Portable Reading Glasses (Pre-order)
Glens - Ultra-Portable Reading Glasses (Pre-order)
Glens|Ultra-Portable Reading Glasses - Searching C Malaysia
Glens|Ultra-Portable Reading Glasses - Searching C Malaysia
Glens|Ultra-Portable Reading Glasses - Searching C Malaysia

Glens - Ultra-Portable Reading Glasses (Pre-order)

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Super portable glasses in the size of a business card.

  • Ultra-portable reading glasses, thin and light.
  • Fits everywhere: wallet, pocket and keychain.
  • Reading glasses at your fingertips.
  • Comfortable to Wear.
  • Suitable for Everyone.
  • Always Within Reach.
  • Controlled Quality.
  • Less than 1 gram, 78mm x 21mm x 1mm.
  • Reddot award 2017 winner.


Three points on the nose bridge provide better grip when putting Glens on and help with adjusting the glasses.
Nose pads help provide slight pressure to insure correct position throughout use.

Glens reading glasses can be worn on any part of the nose.
The closer to the eyes, the greater the visual field. 
The glasses are transparent, so appear discreet.
Glens Reading Glasses for Different Situations

Use Cases

Slip them in your pocket or bag, hook them to your keychain or wear them around your neck.

Slip into your pocket
Slip into your pocket
Use as bookmark
Use as bookmark
Carry them with your card holder
Carry them with your card holder
Hook them into your keychain
Hook them into your keychain


Which perscription for you?

Test your sight. Read the text without glasses.

  1. Place the test 35 cm/14 inches from your eyes. Or about the length of your forearm.
  2. Read the text below without glasses, starting from the top. When you begin to face difficulties, note the number on the left of that text line. This number corresponds to your dioptre.


  • +2.5  Glens reading glasses enable you to see better from closer, anytime, instantly. 
  • +2.0  A mini-revolution combined to design, optical quiality, comfort and incredibly lightweighted!
  • +1.5  In the car, at home, in your pocket, in a bag - Glens can be anywhere you want it to be.



  • WEIGHT :Less than 1 gram
  • SIZE:78mm x 21mm x 1mm
  • Suitable for Everyone
  • Made in Germany
  • Complies with CE