GEZHE Rechargeable Mini Washing Machine (Ready Stock) - Searching C Malaysia
GEZHE Rechargeable Mini Washing Machine (Ready Stock) - Searching C Malaysia
GEZHE Rechargeable Mini Washing Machine (Ready Stock) - Searching C Malaysia
GEZHE Rechargeable Mini Washing Machine (Ready Stock) - Searching C Malaysia

GEZHE Rechargeable Mini Washing Machine (Ready Stock)

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TM3 is a mini washing machine which can save water, time and money on washing essential clothing and accessories at home.  Also, its portability allows it to be used for travelling and outdoor as well.

Designed for convenience and high performance, this washing machine enables you to control the use of energy and water and do your washing in a safe way.

Unlike other mini washing machines on the market, our model scores higher in terms of both design and performance.

Image that you are a white collar, a baby’s mom or a pregnant lady, you can wash the underwear, socks, masks, babies’ clothes anytime you want, instead of piling them up and washing them with the other clothes in the weekend, which is not hygiene and waste of water as well.

Do your washing more quickly and efficiently using the world's first washing machine with a built-in lithium battery.

The battery has a capacity of 2000 mAh and it can be removed from the bottom if a replacement is needed, hence you don’t need to worry about its unavailability due to battery damages. This makes it easy to maintain, sparing you from reliance on a power supply cable which is a potential safety risk, particularly in a small space. The average battery life span is 5 years.

Select the performance level to suit your needs. The washing machine comes with three different washing modes, enabling you to adjust the washing time based on the quantity of clothes to clean.

Remove tough dirt through deep cleaning, without damaging your clothes. The design of this washing machine features a bionics pulsator with 6W electric motor and 5 wings to simulate hand wash.

These elements increase the machine’s stain-removing capability and create a gentle touch to protect the garments inside. You can trust it to effectively clean a wide range of fabrics.

If you worry about stability and accidents during the washing process, this model is designed to make it as safe as possible.

The washing machine has a streamlined shape and its low gravity design features an anti-slip and anti-shock silicone cushion to prevent leaning or shaking.

This add-on buffers the rotation when the machine is working and thus ensures the stability of the fuselage. Ideal for smooth, slippery surfaces.

Would you like to avoid using too much water and electricity on washing small garments?

Unlike many traditional washing machines, our model enables you to clean small pieces such as underwear or clothes efficiently and in different quantities.

You can extend the service life of the machine thanks to its replaceable battery and determine the water usage by selecting an appropriate washing mode.

As a result, you only spend what you really need depending on the amount of clothing.

The machine can clean your clothes effectively using only 500ml water (as the bare minimum).

Never run out of clean clothes whilst on the road. Compact and easy to carry, this mini washing machine does not take up much space and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Whether you want to do your washing, on a hotel balcony, in a bathroom, backyard, dormitory, RV … the choice is yours.

Done with the washing? You can get the machine quickly cleaned up and ready for the next use. Simply open the rubber drain cover at the bottom to drain the dirty water, rinse it again and you are all set.

Stay safe from accidents caused by water leakage. The design of this washing machine can reach the waterproof level of IP54. This means you can use it daily without worrying about water leaks or electrical accidents.