FinGears Magnetic Rings - Anti-stress Game Fidget (Pre-order)
FinGears Magnetic Rings - Anti-stress Game Fidget (Pre-order)
FinGears Magnetic Rings - Anti-stress Game Fidget (Pre-order)
FinGears Magnetic Rings - Anti-stress Game Fidget (Pre-order)
FinGears Magnetic Rings - Anti-stress Game Fidget (Pre-order)

FinGears Magnetic Rings - Anti-stress Game Fidget (Pre-order)

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Multi-purpose fidget with a hundred creative uses: awesome tricks, games and anti-stress!

  • Improve brain creativity.
  • Anti stress.
  • Multi tricks.
  • Fun with friends.

 FinGears are magnetic free-style rings unlike any other fidget or stress relief gadget. 

You can spin them, whirl them, do tricks, stick them to surfaces, play games with friends… the possibilities are endless!

Other fidgets or gadgets have specific purposes and uses. FinGears are completely modular and free-style. 


We created a streamlined, universal design of snappy magnets encased in colorful vibrant rings with multi-directional spin. Our goal was to make something that has more creative freedom for the user than anything else! And we're sure we succeeded!  

 Here's our own experience, as users:  We've invented tricks for them, played "billiards" and "air hockey", stuck them to whiteboards to imitate retro pinball.

We used them to focus our thoughts and unwind to the snappy rhythm after a long day. 

 We've had. So. Much. Fun.

 So, we want to share our excitement with you! 



 Planetary Orbit trick

 We invented some tricks during our own experimentation. Some were created by our engineers, some - by friends, some - by our office crew. We're completely sure the community can create much more. We've only just begun! 

 Eclipse trick

 Axis Blade trick

 The Katana trick


 Magnetic Split trick

 Tower Spin trick

 Figure Eight trick

Additional MOVES, GAMES and TRICKS from reviewers and testers:

You can also check out our more detailed trick tutorial with our most experienced FinGears user - Denis.  Can you think of more ideas for tricks? Let us know and we'll make updates for the trick library!  



Track game - make your own racing course and avoid the magnetic fields!

 The beauty of FinGears as a fidget / gadget is that you can invent so many uses for them! Just through the natural property of magnets and the sleek spinning ring elements, you can create games and fun shapes with them.

 It's a cooperative experience that unites people (and we're not just saying that, our entire office is now full of people doing stuff with the rings together!).

Magnetic Billiards - see what moves you can achieve without magnetizing your ring.  

 The easiest game - Magnetic Hockey. Avoid the magnetic field as you send the ring back and forth! 

Rings come in three types of boxes by size:

Small (Green Box) - for a finger diameter of 16mm (approx. 0.6 inches).

eng_s_black_blue_4烏克蘭 FinGears

Medium (Orange Box) - for a finger diameter of 18mm (approx. 0.7 inches).

eng_m_black_blue_box烏克蘭 FinGears

Large (Blue Box) - for a finger diameter of 21mm (approx. 0.8 inches).

eng_l_black_blue_box烏克蘭 FinGears

Each box has a highlighted finger shape that's 1mm larger than the appropriate finger size. You can use it to fit your index finger inside the shape for an approximate idea for your ring size.

烏克蘭 FinGears

Color Combinations

Blue x Green

l_blue_green烏克蘭 FinGears

Orange x Green

l_orange_green烏克蘭 FinGears

Black x Blue

m_black_blue烏克蘭 FinGears