Fazup - Protect yourself from radiation! (Pre-order)
Fazup - Protect yourself from radiation! (Pre-order)
Fazup - Protect yourself from radiation! (Pre-order)
Fazup - Protect yourself from radiation! (Pre-order)
Fazup - Protect yourself from radiation! (Pre-order)
Fazup - Protect yourself from radiation! (Pre-order)
Fazup - Protect yourself from radiation! (Pre-order)

Fazup - Protect yourself from radiation! (Pre-order)

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Patented technology, effectiveness scientifically proven.

  • New technology, reduce radiation up to 99%.
  • Ultra thin and easy to use, just stick on your mobile.
  • Safe and certified.
  • Prove by SAR.


Why protect yourself from cell phone radiation?

Mobile phone is the main source of electromagnetic radiation

Mobile phones are the main source of exposure among other everyday devices (cordless phone DECT, Wi-Fi box, PC, pad, mobile phone, micro-wave oven, Bluetooth, etc.). They continuously emit the highest amount of electromagnetic waves, close to the body and brain.

Yet more scientific studies confirm possible or proven danger

Electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phones are a source of concern. Many epidemiological studies show an increase of risks (possible or proven) for frequent mobile phone users:

SAR standard is circumvented by the manufacturers, causing our overexposure to mobile radiation

SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) is the international standard that quantifies the maximum quantity of energy absorbed by your body and head when using a telephone. SAR measurements “in contact with a body” are actually carried out with a separation distance, that does not reflect actual use conditions. That is why mobile phone’s user guides specify that a separation distance between the body and the phone should be kept (between 0.5 cm and 2.5 cm according to a phone model).

In 2017 French Radiofrequency Agency (ANFR) has published its SAR measurements, conducted to control “in contact with a body” conformity of a vast number of mobile phones. As a result, 89% of tested phones exceeded maximum SAR level (> 2 W/kg) and 25% of them have a SAR value exceeding 4 W/kg

What is the SAR?

The Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) of your mobile phone is the internationally recognised measure of your maximum exposure to electromagnetic radiation. This measure indicates the amount of energy that your body and your head absorb when using your handset. The European standard imposes a SAR level that is inferior to 2 Watts per Kilogram (W/Kg). You can therefore choose your mobile phone based on the level of SAR of that particular model.

The lower the SAR, the lower your level of exposure to radiation.

Did you know? A one-minute conversation in a poor reception zone is equivalent to a 3-hour conversation in a zone of good reception.

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