** Exclusive Offer Now** Oqular Clip (Ready Stock)
** Exclusive Offer Now** Oqular Clip (Ready Stock)
** Exclusive Offer Now** Oqular Clip (Ready Stock)

** Exclusive Offer Now** Oqular Clip (Ready Stock)

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OQular clip - Eyewear protection reimagined

Convenient, versatile, slim and sleek lens cover for ALL your eyewear. Protect your lenses from being scratched, no matter where you put them. 

Cases are just too big and bulky to carry comfortably. NOT designed for the modern day lifestyle.

Prescription glasses and sunglasses are expensiveLooking through a pair of scratched lenses is not only annoying but potentially dangerous.

The perfect combination between style, convenience and great protection. Designed to be used for both glasses and sunglasses, perfectly sized to fit most shapes or styles, big or small. 

Personally I love to carry them on my keys but others prefer to clip it easily on their jeans pocket, carry it in their purse, small bag or even on a string around their neck. The two OQ clips will always stick together by the magnets so there is no chance of losing one!

OQular Clip is so thin it will fit into the smallest of bags. Perfect if heading out for the night!

Designed for everyone young or old who wear glasses or sunglasses regularly. The parent, the student, the professional, the gym goer, the traveller, the book worm. Anyone who wears glasses or sunglasses on a regular basis can benefit from a pair of OQular Clips. A simple innovative solution to a very annoying problem. 

We live a busy lifestyle, constantly moving between work, gym, family, studying, travelling and much more. It’s difficult to always remember your glasses case where ever you go.