**Exclusive Early Bird Offer** OPUMP Intelligent Respiratory Training Device - Premium Accessories

**Exclusive Early Bird Offer** OPUMP Intelligent Respiratory Training Device - Premium Accessories

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Do you often experience symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, and headaches? It is very likely caused by "respiratory muscle degeneration"! OPUMP is an intelligent respiratory training device designed for athletes or anyone who wants to improve their breathing habits. It can be paired with a smartphone to provide you with real-time feedback, guidance, and progress tracking, and has built-in multiple breathing mini-games to help you practice breathing entry-level skills easily. With a complete training program, you can learn breathing step by step.

——6 Key Features——

🔥Use a patented MEMS chip
🔥Built-in various mini-games
🔥With a complete training program
🔥Exclusive app to record personal progress
🔥Only 120g, small and easy to carry
🔥Certified by the US FDA


Order Period: 14th December 2023 - 10th January 2024, will be shipped out on 25th January 2024.

Details of the Early Bird offer are as follows:

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