EleksMaker Creative DIY LED Light Tube Clock (Ready Stock)

EleksMaker Creative DIY LED Light Tube Clock (Ready Stock)

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EleksMaker's creative desktop RGB clock, connected directly to a single line, allows for effortless control.

Not just a clock, beauty and strength coexist, simplify and simplify, quickly install, customizable dial, there are 20 dial styles available, welcome submissions

Not only can it be connected to the internet for time calibration, but it can also be connected to Bluetooth, photo album direct transmission, support multi terminal applications, and freely customize the dial. The RGB ambient light can also serve as a whitening tool.

Product parameters

Model |: Elekstube | Ps

Size: 210mmx82mmx80mm

Net weight: 425g (gross weight including packaging approximately 1KG)

Power supply: 5V-0.45A (power approximately 2W)

Software: Supports Windows 8/Windows 10

Interface: Type-C (available on both sides for easy placement)

Screen: 16:9IPS hard screen resolution 135X240 pixels

Format: Custom images only support BMP format

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