Eleeels X2Pro - Twin-Heads Massage Gun (Pre-order)
Eleeels X2Pro - Twin-Heads Massage Gun (Pre-order)
Eleeels X2Pro - Twin-Heads Massage Gun (Pre-order)
Eleeels X2Pro - Twin-Heads Massage Gun (Pre-order)
Eleeels X2Pro - Twin-Heads Massage Gun (Pre-order)
Eleeels X2Pro - Twin-Heads Massage Gun (Pre-order)
Eleeels X2Pro - Twin-Heads Massage Gun (Pre-order)

Eleeels X2Pro - Twin-Heads Massage Gun (Pre-order)

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X2 PRO is the world’s first twin head percussive massage device with freedom of movement, which is achieved by its patented ‘Ball Joint Spring.

  • Encourage blood ciculation.
  • Relieve muscle stiffness.
  • Alleviate muscle soreness and pains.
  • Prevent muscle damage.
  • Reduce lactic level.

Eleeels Massage Gun - X2Pro - 1

Eleeels Massage Gun - X2Pro - 2



x2pro pict 2.png

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High Efficiency:
Left and right movement of heads allows simultaneous massaging of various muscle groups, maximizing 

Precise Targeting:
Duo action twin heads enables a more focused and concentrated muscle therapeutic session.

 Eleeels Massage Gun - X2Pro - 4

Double Effectiveness:

Equipped with 2 independent high torque and high speed 55 mm brushless motors, the X2 PRO not only targets multiple muscle groups but also concentrates on key trigger points – a tight area within muscle tissue that causes pain in other parts of the body.

Faster Rate of Recovery:

With the X2 PRO’S twin heads working in sync and with pin point precision, the targeted muscle group’s major trigger points are relieved and eliminated, enabling improved elasticity, movement and function.

Eleeels Massage Gun - X2Pro - 7

Revolutionary Intersection of Car Engine Engineering and Physiotherapy

Featuring Endurance Motion Technology™ and Quiet Motion Technology™

Ultra quiet, 6 speed settings, High speed brushless motor

2 Operation Modes
6 Speed Settings

Eleeels Massage Gun - X2Pro - 3

Comfort Mode
( Relief + Relax + Rest )
Level 1: 900rpm
Level 2: 1200rpm
Level 3: 1500rpm

Sports mode
( Relief + Robustness + Recovery )
Level 1: 1800rpm
Level 2: 2400rpm
Level 3: 3200rpm

Sports performance

• High-intensity sports like running, swimming, cycling, triathlon, weight lifting ​

• Low-intensity Sports like yoga and dancing ​

• Before, during and after race/ competition

x2pro pict 3.png

1. High-Torque and High-Speed Brushless Motor (max 3200 rpm)

2. 6 Speed Light Indicator

3. 6 Speed +/- Controller

4. Flexible Ball-joint (Allows free movement of  the Twin Heads)

5. Quick button

2 Years Warranty

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