ELEEELS S1 Revival Hot Stone Spa Collection (Ready Stock)
ELEEELS S1 Revival Hot Stone Spa Collection (Ready Stock)
ELEEELS S1 Revival Hot Stone Spa Collection (Ready Stock)
ELEEELS S1 Revival Hot Stone Spa Collection (Ready Stock)
ELEEELS S1 Revival Hot Stone Spa Collection (Ready Stock)
ELEEELS S1 Revival Hot Stone Spa Collection (Ready Stock)
ELEEELS S1 Revival Hot Stone Spa Collection (Ready Stock)
ELEEELS S1 Revival Hot Stone Spa Collection (Ready Stock)

ELEEELS S1 Revival Hot Stone Spa Collection (Ready Stock)

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Turn your home into a luxurious spa with the S1 Hot Stone Set. A full-sensory relaxation experience that you can see, feel and smell. Enjoy the healing power of hot stones, ambient lights and aromatic oil with your partner or by yourself. A full spa-like experience with S1.

An Oasis at Home

The S1 Hot Stone Spa Collection is there to help you unwind, relax and recharge anywhere you are. Transform your home into an oasis, connect with ancient elements and timeless rituals. Hot stone treatment can relieve muscle tension, reduce stress levels and improve sleep quality. Find your personal getaway with the S1 Hot Stone Spa Collection right at home.

S1 comes with a total of 8 stones in 3 sizes to fit a wide range of therapeutic needs for your entire body.

The difference in size means the energy and time required to heat up the sones varies. To ensure each stone is evenly heated to the same temperature, we use independent heating plates each paired with a thermal sensor. The hardware and software are engineered to quickly heat up the stones to a suitable temperature accurately and safely.

S1 operates at high temperatures, so special materials such as engineering plastics and heat-resistant pigment ink were used on the console. We have also conducted high-temperature test and endurance test on S1, making sure it remains strong and safe for a good period of time.

The Power of Volcanic Rock

S1 stones are made with basalt, a kind of volcanic rock with significant amounts of iron ore, magnesium, and silica that is believed to be perfect for hot stone therapy for its properties including non-porosity, smoothness, and most importantly the exceptional ability to retain heat and releasing it slowly for a long period of time. They are hand-polished to ensure you can enjoy the smoothest hot stone experience.

The S1 Hot Stone system features eight individual heater plates each with a dedicated heat sensor designed to deliver the optimal therapeutic heat levels.

You can choose between two heat levels 118˚F (48˚C) and 131˚F (55˚C) according to your needs.

Relax, Release, Rejuvenate

The S1 Hot Stone Spa Collection is there to release your tension from head to toe. Use it by yourself simply by placing the stones on your bed and lie down or giving your partner a relaxing massage and enjoying a romantic moment together.

Healing Light

S1 features built-in LED ring lights with 7 colors and 3 intensity levels, they can be adjusted to 3 lighting modes: solid, blink and wave.

Ambient light therapy can improve the quality of sleep, help with sleep disorders, ease depression symptoms and increase energy levels. The lights can also help you to immerse yourself in a relaxed, romantic environment when using the hot stones or anytime you want to light yourself up.

Scent Therapy

Like hot stone massage, aromatherapy has been around for thousands of years, it was known to have many health benefits. We have created a special aromatic oil using premium herbs and botanicals for a unique sensory experience for using with S1.

The oil is crafted in Australia, it is designed to be used as a massage oil when using hot stones. Apply a small amount on the skin can reduce friction, so that hot stones can easily glide over skin and provide a smoother and more pleasurable experience.

Connect with your significant other

Create intimacy and bonding with your partner, give him/her a hot stone massage to relax after a busy day and deepens emotional connection together.

Connect mind and body

Ancient healing techniques to connect your mind and body and find balance, calmness, comfort and intimacy like you've never felt before with the S1 Hot Stone Set.

Unlock joy

Research has shown that massage could lower the levels of stress hormones and can boost endorphins. During hot stone massage, large amounts of endorphins are released into the bloodstream. The wearied and worried mind has been converted into the restful, placid, and refreshed mind.

Treat your body right  

Hot Stone therapy has endured throughout human history for a reason. It offers a host of benefits including tension release, improved circulation, intimacy and sensuality. Harness the healing power of lava stones and turn your living room into a luxurious spa with the S1 Hot Stone Spa Collection.

S1 comes with a compact design with ambient lights, 8 pieces of dedicated heat sensor, 8 heater plates, and microprocessors that deliver the accurate amount of energy to control the heater plate.  It allows rapid heating in the initial stage for a 10-minute home to spa transformation, and it would keep warm afterward for users to enjoy a whole hot stone massage section in 90 minutes.  Hot stone massage has never been that easy before. 


Stone massage has been dated back to ancient civilizations as a form of healing and therapy. In 5000 BC, the Hindus in India used hot stones to improve health and relaxation which was called Ayurveda (meaning: The Science of Life). In 2000 BC, the Chinese used shaped stones called Bian while burning mugwort to treat disease.


The S1 Hot Stone Set comes included with everything you need for an upscale, luxurious spa experience right at home. Eight volcanic hot stones, an illuminated base with eight temperature controlled heat pads and an exotic massage oil made in Australia with the highest quality herbs and botanicals. Welcome to your home oasis.