Dr. Quorum Whitening Electric Toothbrush - Searching C Malaysia
Dr. Quorum Whitening Electric Toothbrush - Searching C Malaysia
Dr. Quorum Whitening Electric Toothbrush - Searching C Malaysia
Dr. Quorum Whitening Electric Toothbrush - Searching C Malaysia

Dr. Quorum Whitening Electric Toothbrush

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The whitening accelerator light technology in combination with Dr. Quorum’s patented photocatalyst is proven to deliver the most powerful teeth whitening effects. 

Dr. Quorum's U.S. patented whitening technology effectively removes unwanted stains and yellow hues, transforming them into pearly whites.

Our formula is completely safe, promoting and protecting oral health by removing plaque that causes cavities, gum disease, and bad breath.

We tested Dr. Quorum’s whitening efficacy by using it on coffee-stained teeth for a week.

Dr. Quorum showed teeth whitening effects of FIVE shades lighter (based on the Vita classical shade guide).

Dr. Quorum’s teeth whitening effects are nearly double of the competitor’s electric toothbrush.

5 sets of cleaning and whitening (clean mode, white mode) were conducted on the teeth of a man with severe discoloration from cigarettes. After just 2.5 days of using Dr. Quorum, it was evident that the brown pigments stained with nicotine were decomposed.

Update: 4 weeks of maintenance transformed his teeth; Say hello to pearly whites!

Our toothbrush is made of fiber optic bristles.

Optical fiber technology uses the physical principle of total reflection to transmit light to its destination, even if there is a distance or an obstacle.

The toothbrush emits the light through the toothpaste and delivers strong LED accelerator light to the tooth surface.

Dr. Quorum is designed to ensure that the accelerator light reaches its destination to the essential areas of the tooth, using optical fiber technology.

Tooth staining pigment substances are found in not only on the tooth’s surface but the cracks as well, so it is very important that the light is transmitted to both places.

With typical LED light technologies, light rarely reaches the core of its destination because the intensity of light weakens with distance or a substance that serves as an obstacle.

In typical whitening products, hydrogen peroxide levels need to reach at least 10 percent in order to be effective for teeth whitening.

However, if the amount of hydrogen peroxide is 10 percent or more in a whitening product, it can result in long-term teeth and gum damage.

Dr. Quorum’s teeth whitening method delivers double the pigment decomposition effect while using zero or minimal (3 percent) hydrogen peroxide than products that utilizes 15 percent of hydrogen peroxide without the advanced technology (typical whitening toothpastes on the market).

Safe, efficient plaque removal and pigment decomposition for healthy white teeth:

Achieved through the patented photocatalyst photosensitization technology and the galactose quorum sensing inhibitor technology.


Made of IPX6 (waterproof functions): use it without worrying about malfunction, even exposure to water.

Dr. Quorum’s toothbrush case makes it extremely convenient to carry around because it prevents contamination and damage of the toothbrush head.

Wireless charging to deliver the ultimate convenience.

Made with a USB-A-type, you can plug it into any charging adapter or computer.