**Exclusive Early Bird Offer** HOMI Movement Series - Shorts
**Exclusive Early Bird Offer** HOMI Movement Series - Shorts
**Exclusive Early Bird Offer** HOMI Movement Series - Shorts
**Exclusive Early Bird Offer** HOMI Movement Series - Shorts
**Exclusive Early Bird Offer** HOMI Movement Series - Shorts
**Exclusive Early Bird Offer** HOMI Movement Series - Shorts

**Exclusive Early Bird Offer** HOMI Movement Series - Shorts

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The HOMI Movement series includes T-shirts and shorts, using CORDURA fabric. As it features a non-coating physical cooling material, it offers a cool, quick-drying, sweat-wicking, and sun-protective experience, making it ideal for hot weather. The fabric is known for its durability and abrasion resistance, making it perfect for sports, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

——8 Key Features——


👕Faster Moisture Wicking

👕UV Protection UPF50+

👕Non-coating Physical Cooling Material

👕exclusive RapidFlow 360° Drainage Design


👕360° Reflective System

👕Built-in Mask

👕Designed and Manufactured in Taiwan

Order Period: 23th November - 14th December 2023, will be shipped out on 28th December 2023.


Details of the Early Bird offer are as follows:

We accept credit card payment (including Visa, MasterCard and American Express) and Apple Pay.

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Designed for the summer wear environment, HOMI's Movement series is born to provide a more comfortable wearing experience. Using materials and design, it creates T-shirt and shorts that offer both comfort and a stylish appearance in different summer settings!
CORDURA features durable fabric, excellent moisture-wicking, and UV resistance! The needs of the hiking community have always been a key focus in our clothing requirements. We aim to meet these requirements without sacrificing style and design for functionality, which poses the biggest challenge each time! During mountain climbing and hiking, encountering grass, branches, and other obstacles is inevitable, and CORDURA's robust fabric is less susceptible to cuts and tears!
Clothing and shorts with sun protection capabilities can reduce the coverage of excess fabric on the body, blocking sunlight while keeping you cool!
Because it is a physical moisture-wicking mechanism, the weaving technique and inherent nature of the yarn in the fabric achieve a cooling sensation and quick-drying effect. This allows the garment to better withstand repeated wet-dry cycles. Coupled with the ventilation pockets on both sides, the clothing is less prone to becoming wet in practice.
The physical coolness comes not only from the yarn used in the CORDURA material and the inherent coolness of nylon but also through minimizing patterns in contact with the body and incorporating ventilation pockets on both sides to promote breathability and convection. This enhances the speed of moisture-wicking, aiming to keep you comfortably dry and achieve a refreshing sensation.
To achieve heat dissipation and breathability, simply open the concealed ventilation pockets. When fully open on both sides, it creates a convection and ventilation effect on the left and right sides. Close them as needed when returning to an air-conditioned room. Additionally, these pockets are suitable for storing lightweight items such as credit cards and masks, making it very convenient!
All six pockets are your ventilation pockets! The front four pockets and the two rear pockets all have breathable mesh linings!
Two main pockets with YKK zippers, along with two large-capacity knee pockets. The knee pockets feature Taiwan-patented silent Velcro, eliminating the noisy sound of traditional Velcro!
After a hot summer day or intensive exercise, sweat along the abdomen and back can easily make underwear wet. The snug fit design of the Movement shorts around the entire waist intercepts sweat, preventing it from soaking the underwear.
The fabric material and entire manufacturing process are made in Taiwan.

Founded in 2013, starting from Taiwan, the HOMI team has ideas about both life and technology. Through product development, we embody the concept of technological aesthetics. We leverage numerous resources in advanced technology, applying them to product design and maximizing their potential. However, we don't skip any processes, taking each step carefully to create the best products. With a design consultancy team rich in practical experience, we aim to establish HOMI as a representative of advanced technological aesthetics.


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