AMIRO R1 PRO Deep RF Beauty Instrument  (Ready Stock)

AMIRO R1 PRO Deep RF Beauty Instrument (Ready Stock)

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Central electrode radio frequency | Energy is stronger and more uniform | 5 minutes of peeling and reducing wrinkles

4-minute pull-up collar | 2-week eye-catching wrinkle relief | 3-fold precise temperature control

Stimulate deep collagen, fade fine lines and wrinkles, lift contours, and improve sagging and sagging

Brightening skin tone, improving microcirculation, revitalizing skin foundation, and increasing skin elasticity

Brand: AMIRO/Mi Guang

Function: Warm infrared microcurrent

Effect: Lift and tighten

Rated input: 5V=3A

Battery capacity: 2600mAh

Product size: 160x38x38mm

Charging interface: Type-C

Net weight: 210g

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