TIC Oral Care & Razor Kit Basic Set - White (Ready Stock) - Searching C Malaysia
TIC Oral Care & Razor Kit Basic Set - White (Ready Stock) - Searching C Malaysia

TIC Oral Care & Razor Kit Basic Set - White (Ready Stock)

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The Convenient, Palm Sized Kit of Toiletry Essentials

The TIC Oral Care & Razor Kit is a compact solution that can fit into the smallest of bags, ensuring maximum convenience and portability while traveling.

Key Features  

  • Organised and convenient
  • Eco-friendly and reusable
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Micro-suction plate attaches easily to all flat surfaces 
  • Non-sticky to the touch
  • Quick and easy installation

Organised & Convenient

No need for ziplocks, separate bottles or bulky pouches - it keeps your toiletries organised in one compact kit for your ultimate convenience.

Retrieve and use your toiletries in a matter of seconds.

Eco-friendly & Reusable

With this reusable kit, you never have to use disposable toiletries anymore.

It's a sustainable and eco-friendly product that reduces your carbon footprint when you travel. 

Secures Toiletries Firmly

Keeping your toiletries clean and germ-free should be the top priority.

The TIC Oral and Razor Kit secures your toiletries firmly, so you'll never drop anything even when sliding the panel to open it.

Easy to Attach Micro-suction Plate

Don't you hate lengthy, complicated installation manuals?

With the micro-suction plate, installing it is as easy as 1,2,3. Just slide, turn and stick the back panel onto any flat surface. 


No more fumbling with troublesome adhesive tape that gets your fingers sticky and gross. 

The micro-suction plate is functional and keeps your fingers clean.

Water Resistant

Want to brush your teeth in the shower? No problem.

Stick it on the wall and keep your toiletries dry and germ-free, while enjoying the convenience of having it within reach.

High Quality, Lasting Toothbrush

With DuPont FDA-approved nylon and 3520 toothbrush bristles, this toothbrush is not only compact, but high in quality and durability.

This makes for lasting use and reduces the frequency of replacement. It helps to decrease the amount of waste and the overall carbon footprint.