Dretec BS-247 - Body fat scale “Kuraveil +” (Pre-order)
Dretec BS-247 - Body fat scale “Kuraveil +” (Pre-order)
Dretec BS-247 - Body fat scale “Kuraveil +” (Pre-order)
Dretec BS-247 - Body fat scale “Kuraveil +” (Pre-order)

Dretec BS-247 - Body fat scale “Kuraveil +” (Pre-order)

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Displays the difference of your body weight.

  • Displays the difference of the body fat and the target weight automatically.
  • Power on just by riding on the platform.
  • Can be used for daily health care by checking the change of body weight everyday.
  • Body weight, body fat, BMI, target weight.
  • Auto power off function to save battery life.
  • Backlight.

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Product specifications

Product size - W280×D245×H24mm
Product weight - 1,500g
Battery - AAA battery 4pcs
Minimum display - 15.0〜100.0kg Less:0.1kg ; 100kg Exceed 180kg Less:0.2kg
Weighing range - 15.0〜180.0kg
BMI - 1.0〜150.0
Body fat percentage - 5.0〜80.0% (0.1% unit)
Gender - Men / Women
Age - 10〜90 years old
Height - 100〜200cm (1cm unit)
Personal data number - P1〜P5
Target weight - 20.0〜180.0kg
Warranty - 1 Year