**Early Bird Exclusive Offer** NONS Instant Back for Hasselblad Camera
**Early Bird Exclusive Offer** NONS Instant Back for Hasselblad Camera
**Early Bird Exclusive Offer** NONS Instant Back for Hasselblad Camera
**Early Bird Exclusive Offer** NONS Instant Back for Hasselblad Camera

**Early Bird Exclusive Offer** NONS Instant Back for Hasselblad Camera

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Instantly enjoy the Hasselblad texture without waiting for pictures to develop!

Are you also fascinated by the charm of Hasselblad cameras? Its unique medium format, high-quality lenses, precise operation system, and flexible exposure control provide photographers with a unique and satisfying shooting experience.

Now, with the NONS instant back designed specifically for Hasselblad cameras from the 2000s, you can easily achieve seamless replacement of the film back! NONS is not only compatible with all focusing ranges but also does not require adjustment of the camera viewfinder and focus screen during shooting, providing you with an unparalleled shooting experience and allowing you to experience the thrill of instant prints!

5 Key Features:
📷Plug and play, specially tailored for Hasselblad cameras
📷No need to wait for pictures to develop, enjoy the Hasselblad texture instantly!
📷Full-range focusing, no need to adjust the viewfinder or focusing screen
📷Compatible with Instax square film, presenting the entire viewfinder scene
📷Equipped with dark slide, allowing for the original film back to be swapped during shooting


Order Period: 27th March 2024 - 23th April 2024, will be shipped on 15th May 2024.

Details of the Early Bird offer are as follows:

  • Enjoy the exclusive super super early bird offer : RM1,360!!! (List price: RM2,390)
  • Free shipment
  • Official one-year warranty

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Blending the iconic charm of classic medium format cameras with a contemporary instant photography flair, NONS Hasselblad Instant Back is designed to seamlessly pair with several older models of Hasselblad bodies. It's compatible with Fujifilm Instax Square film, offering an exceptional fusion of high-quality instant capture.

Now, you can capture those exciting moments and transform your digital images into printed photos instantly, making the photography process more real and eliminating the need to wait!

NONS is specifically designed for older models of Hasselblad cameras (not compatible with newer digital cameras). Installation is incredibly simple—just attach it to the back of your film camera, and you're ready to enjoy the features of an instant camera.

Usage Instructions

  1. Attach the NONS Instant Back to your Hasselblad camera body.

  2. Align the yellow markers and load Fujifilm Instax Square film.

  3. Press the film eject button on the back to remove the first dark slide from the film pack.

  4. Remember to remove the dark slide before advancing the film.

  5. Begin capturing photos with the camera.

  6. Press the film eject button again and wait for development to receive your Hasselblad-quality photo instantly!

  7. For multiple exposures, repeat step 5 and then follow step 6 to eject the film.

  8. If you're finished shooting or want to switch to another back:

    • Reinsert the dark slide into the body and the rear connection point.
    • Flip the switch on the top to remove the back. Place the back in a dark bag to prevent light leaks in bright conditions and avoid accidental exposure of unused film.
    • Install another back and repeat steps 1-6.

Installation Tutorial Video

NONS - A Classic Masterpiece Tailored for Hasselblad Cameras

For photography enthusiasts, existing similar products often come with numerous usage limitations. These may include restrictions on specific focal lengths or apertures, the necessity of shimming for focusing compensation leading to an inability to focus to infinity, and more.

To ensure an outstanding shooting experience, we've dedicated extensive time and effort to research and development. The result is our plug-and-play back, meticulously crafted to eliminate the need for any modifications to the original camera body.

When it comes to art, we never compromise on quality! With the NONS Instant Back, your creative process faces no obstacles. Every moment captured through your beloved lens can be perfectly preserved. 🤎

After capturing those unforgettable moments, instantly transform them into physical photos.

▼Fully captures the viewfinder scene with square format film

No need to shoot the film at once! NONS has thoughtfully provided a dark slide, allowing you to change the back at any time during shooting.

Confirmed available models:

  • 500C, 500CM
  • 501C, 501CM
  • 503CX, 503CXi, 503CW
  • 1000F
  • 2000 FCM
  • SWC, SWC/M, 903SWC
  • PME5, PME51 Finder

Confirmed NOT available models:

  • 200 series
  • 203FE
  • 500ELM, 553ELX
  • Flexbody
  • NC2 Prism Finder

Other models are not confirmed. We cannot guarantee the availability.

Online Customer Service

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Contact NONS Malaysia customer service:http://m.me/nons.malaysia