The latest HomeKit compatible gadgets from CES 2020

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Thanks to Project CHIP, open-source smart home standards are already on the way. But until we get to where smart home assistants will be able to talk to each other, here's a list of HomeKit compatible gadgets that will be available later in 2020.

The latest HomeKit compatible gadgets from CES 2020
August Wi-Fi Smart Lock with HomeKit Compatibility

Open-source smart home standards are on the way, but consumers already have their voice assistant favorites by now. Some of us prefer Siri, while others prefer Alexa. No matter who you love, these smart home assistants make our lives easier by connecting seamlessly with smart home gadgets today. Now with the launch of CHIP – the open-source smart home standard, things might get even better when these assistants will be able to talk to each other.

For now, we decided to look into the HomeKit compatible gadgets that were launched at CES 2020. From smart door locks to outdoor lights and security cameras, this list of favorites has all of them in no particular order.

August Wi-Fi Smart Deadbolt Lock

This smart lock connects directly to your home wi-fi network and allows you to remotely lock or unlock your door, check door status, and grant virtual guest keys. You can even see who is coming and going. It attaches easily to your existing deadbolt so you can keep your original keys. It’s also compact, so it will work with any door and won’t look like an eyesore. And you won’t believe the extra features in this lock. Via your phone or your iWatch, this smart lock can sense when you are coming or going and automatically lock or unlock the door for you. Best of all, it pairs with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and more.

Blue Indoor HD Security Camera

You can set up the Blue Indoor HD Security Camera quickly and easily on your own. Once you do, you’ll be ready to view and talk with anyone inside your home. And because it automatically stores video for up to 24 hours, this camera makes sure you always know what’s going on and what has happened. From the newly dubbed Blue by ADT, this indoor cam records in HD—and it does so even at night.

The latest HomeKit compatible gadgets from CES 2020

Blue Indoor HD Security Camera in White

Blue Outdoor Rechargeable Security Camera

With a 130-degree field of view, this outdoor cam ensures you see all the angles. Plus, it offers HD-quality video and night vision so you can see crisply and clearly at any time. Additionally, this rechargeable security cam uses facial recognition technology so it doesn’t alert you when friends and family arrive. With this tech, the Blue outdoor cam knows when someone it doesn’t recognize is around.

The latest HomeKit compatible gadgets from CES 2020

Blue Outdoor Rechargeable Security Camera in White

Blue Doorbell Camera HD Cam

Simply attach the Blue Doorbell Camera HD Cam to your exterior wall by your front door. Then, you’ll have better vision than you thought possible. In fact, this outdoor doorbell camera shows you who’s at the door in HD video quality. And you’ll never be left wondering who’s there because this Blue by ADT cam offers night vision, too. With a 180-degree field of view and two-way talk, this outdoor doorbell cam makes sure you can not only see anyone but also speak to them.

LG Real 8K OLED Ultra HD TV

There’s no way the television you have compares with the LG Real 8K OLED Ultra HD TV. While other devices haven’t yet met this certification, this 8K Ultra HD television has a whopping 33 million active pixels. And this is simply the minimum requirement to achieve this certification—the LG Ultra HD 8K TVs may well exceed it. With a 16:9 viewing window, this LG Real 8K television presents your movies and shows as they should be. Plus, it can even upscale your older stuff. Along with HomeKit controls, these TVs also support AirPlay 2.

The latest HomeKit compatible gadgets from CES 2020

LG Real 8K OLED Ultra HD TV in a Home Setup

Nanoleaf Learning Series Smart Lighting

This new series actually learns what your lighting preferences are so you don’t have to do as much work. Built with U-IQ sensors, this smart lighting collection includes three gadgets. There’s a Learning Button, a Learning Light Bulb, and a Learning Switch. Each of these devices works together so the Nanoleaf lights create just the atmosphere you’re accustomed to. While they respond to Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, they don’t require you to give them any commands.

Philips Hue Econic Outdoor Wall Lights

Available in a square shape, an upward lantern, and a downward lantern, these LED porch lamps emit millions of colors. Set yours to red and green for Christmas, orange for Halloween, and choose other colors whenever you want. Not only do you get incredible creativity options, but you can also control the Philips Hue Econic lights in many ways. Connect them to your Philips Hue app, use a connected smart home device, or manage them using a voice assistant.

Yale Home Smart Food Delivery Box

From daily household items to food to wine clubs, we can have it all delivered right to our front door. And the Yale Home Smart Food Delivery Box makes sure that we can receive those items securely. Even when we aren’t home. The box sits outside your front door and ensures that your packages are out of sight. Especially since we’ve all seen the videos of people taking items from doorsteps recently.

The latest HomeKit compatible gadgets from CES 2020

Yale Home Smart Food Delivery Box in Gray

Of course, these weren’t the only HomeKit compatible gadgets launched at CES 2020. There are also some promising entries from Philips Hue and Eve which did make us go wow. But as of now, let us know which one of these would you pair with your Apple HomeKit this year.