The coolest travel mugs you can carry with you wherever you go

Article issued by Gadget Flow

Drinking coffee on the go is a whole different feeling. There's no better start to a day. So, just to make sure you are well equipped for enjoying your homemade coffee on the go, we have some of the best coolest travel mugs enlisted here. Choose the one that suits your style the most and keep sipping your favorite beverage, stylishly on the go.

The coolest travel mugs you can carry with you wherever you go
Hydro Flask 12-Ounce Coffee Mug Insulated Cup in Green

If your day doesn’t start without a fresh cup of coffee, you’ve come to the right place today. There’s nothing more fun than starting your day with your favorite cuppa on the go. But, instead of purchasing your brew, why not start carrying your favorite coffee in a travel mug instead.

This Sunday we are trying to help you select the coolest travel mugs that can make a great everyday carry item for those who love to drink coffee on the go. Mind it – it’s also going to save your coffee bills at Starbucks a bit, if not all!

Fuffee Social Coffee Mug

The Fuffee Social Coffee Mug harnesses the thermal energy of your hot coffee to display a black and white picture. You can choose any picture you want. Then, any time you drink, you’ll be reminded of a special person, place, pet, or saying. With Fuffee, you also get an app that allows you to send pictures to others, so you’ll have a new form of social media to interact with your loved ones. And you can send them any picture you would like—yes, any. These travel mugs hold 16 ounces of coffee, and, even with the cool technology in them, they weigh only 14 ounces when empty.

Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug

The mug features vacuum insulation and a design that allows you to drink beverages straight from it. Even though it looks like other travel mugs, the Zojirushi mug provides better heat retention thanks to its tight-fitting lid. Plus, you can store it in your purse or bag without worrying about spills. Additionally, the Zojirushi mug maintains your drink’s temperature by removing the air between the two stainless steel layers that form the body. Without any air, the temperature from the other side doesn’t transfer so you drink stays cold or hot for hours.

Hydro Flask 12-Ounce Coffee Mug Insulated Cup 

Available in seven colors, the Hydro Flask 12-Ounce Coffee Mug Insulated Cup not only keeps your drinks warm but also highlights your style. And if you have a cold drink you’d prefer stays cold throughout the afternoon, this insulated mug does that, too. This is a travel mug that’s as insulated, leak-proof, and durable as your Hydro Flask water bottle. In fact, this travel cup even has an insulated lid. So you won’t lose that precious heat anywhere. And because the insulated coffee mug lid seals tightly when you press it down, it’s especially resistant to leaks. 



Fellow Products Carter Everywhere Travel Mug 

Thanks to the Fellow Products Carter Everywhere Travel Mug, you can actually enjoy your coffee on the go. Sure, keeping your drink warm is important, but this coffee mug actually factors in your java’s smell and taste. This to-go mug accomplishes this in a few ways, including with its interior ceramic coating. Unlike stainless steel mugs, this on-the-go mug doesn’t make your drink taste metallic or infuse it with any odors. Additionally, this insulated mug’s lip is thin like a wine glass, so it’s super easy and smooth to drink from. Not only that, but it offers a wide mouth so you know how hot your drink is before you sip. 



Cauldryn Coffee Battery Heated Travel Mug

Featuring a 16-ounce capacity, this vacuum-insulated gadget comes with a built-in heating element. In addition, The Cauldryn Coffee has an integrated LCD screen along with an adjustable temperature button. Likewise, you can set the temperature to the degree of your liking. You can even use your smartphone to control the coffee mug via the app. To use the Cauldryn Coffee, turn it on by pressing the button on the battery. Once the LCD screen comes on, use the up and down arrows to select your preferred temperature.

Espro Travel Coffee Press

This device combines a travel coffee mug as well as an easy-to-use coffee press. Simply pour in your grounds, add hot water, and stir. In just four minutes, you get piping hot coffee just the way you like it wherever you are. The Espro Coffee Press is specifically designed for life on the go. With that in mind, the patented double micro-filter achieves a deep and rich flavor without compromise. You won’t get any grit but you do get all the flavor. The Espro Coffee Press is also complete with an insulated, double-walled stainless steel design. 

Tripresso Portable Coffee Machine

It features a 2-in-1 extraction system for the best flavor. The Tripresso is compatible with both Barsetto capsules as well as ground coffee. With this range, you can get any flavor you desire. In addition, the Tripresso is complete with a lightweight and portable design. It even has built-in insulation to keep your java piping hot. Weighing just 20% of a typical coffee machine, it’s easy to take the Tripresso everywhere. The modular design allows you to carry all that you need. When you want some coffee, simply pour in up to 80ml of hot water, add up to 7 grams of coffee, and you’re good to go.

Yecup 365 All Season Smart Mug

The only wireless mug that allows you to cool down or heat up any drink on the go. It keeps your drink at a consistent temperature all day long and provides an unforgettable drinking experience that way. By using the corresponding mobile app, you can fine-tune your drink’s temperature with a single tap. Whether you’re at work or at an adventure, YECUP 365 can keep your beverages at the desired temperature any time of the day. To add to that, you can also use this mug for charging your smartphones up to 3 times a day. And if you are always driving, then this mug will help in heating or cooling your beverage two times faster.