The best home security gadgets to monitor your home from afar

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No matter where you go, smart home security cameras can help you stay in touch with your home premises. With a connected setup and monitoring cameras, these devices aim to nip home burglary in the bud. Here are some of the best home security cameras you can try out for your home and be aware of what's happening around you even when you're away.

The best home security gadgets to monitor your home from afar
Abode Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera in Home Setup

The home security statistics of 2019 say that there’s one burglary happening every 13 seconds in the United States. Considering the fact that we do head out for vacations, leaving our homes empty, time and again, it’s crucial to think of ways to keep your home safe from burglary and thefts. Thanks to smart home devices, the monitoring setup is getting easier every year. You have loads of options to choose from to secure your home while you’re away. These could be smart doorbells or security cameras, and so much more in between.

Having said that, one fact you must ensure before installing a smart home security device is its mobile app compatibility. This will help you keep track of your home even when you’re away on a vacation. Some other features you must consider are night-vision cameras, motion sensors, and notification alerts. Together, they make a complete home security setup you can use conveniently before heading out for a vacation. Here are some of the best home security gadgets you can try next!

Abode Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera

The Abode Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera helps you have eyes everywhere. The smart camera is usable anywhere you’d like video coverage. You can mount it on an outdoor gate, at your doorbell, or anywhere inside. The device integrates with an existing Abode security system and also works alone. With facial recognition, it will always alert you if it detects someone unknown. What’s more, the more often the camera sees a person, the more recognizable that person becomes. This cuts down on false alarms or alarms set off only by motion.

Blue Outdoor Rechargeable Security Camera

With a 130-degree field of view, this outdoor cam ensures you see all the angles. Plus, it offers HD-quality video and night vision so you can see crisply and clearly at any time. Additionally, this rechargeable security cam uses facial recognition technology so it doesn’t alert you when friends and family arrive. With this tech, the Blue outdoor cam knows when someone it doesn’t recognize is around. From the Blue by ADT brand, this water-resistant security cam has the toughness required for outdoor life, and it even offers two-way talk.

The best home security gadgets to monitor your home from afar

Blue Outdoor Rechargeable Security Camera in Gray

Deep Sentinel Smart Home Surveillance

This system works as an active round-the-clock security guard, ensuring that you always know when someone enters your property. Likewise, it utilizes multiple layers of deterrence including two-way speakers, a loud siren and strobing lights to deter burglaries and thefts. Deep Sentinel also uses smart HD cameras to set up a virtual perimeter around your home. Coupled with AI, it can tell the difference between non-threats such as cars or dogs and a potential intruder. Moreover, Deep Sentinel comes with everything you need to get started in minutes.



Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera

You can install this camera anywhere around the house without worrying much about the messy installation procedure. Instead, this camera is easily rechargeable and comes with a battery for smooth operation. The security camera also records 2K videos with HDR and comes with a color night vision for maximum accuracy in coverage. There’s also an ambient light sensor that will ensure Arlo adjusts the floodlight’s strength based on the ambient light availability.

Ring Indoor Cam Compact Plug-In Camera

Once you connect your smartphone or tablet to the app, you can check up on the Ring Indoor Cam Compact Plug-In Camera. It doesn’t matter if you’re across the globe, you can know what’s going on at your front door. And the fact that this indoor camera is so small means you can keep it out of plain sight. Additionally, you plug this indoor home security cam into a nearby wall outlet. Because it doesn’t rely on a battery, you never have to worry about it shutting off while you’re away. Furthermore, this compact home security device lets you set specific motion-detecting zones.

Samsung SmartThings Cam Full HD Monitoring Camera

It’s important your home security camera notifies you of sketchy activity, but you don’t want false notifications. That’s where the Samsung SmartThings Cam Full HD Monitoring Camera comes in. This smart home camera can tell between a person and an object, so it alerts you only when necessary. You can even set zones for the monitoring camera to keep a more watchful eye. And if you’re watching through your connected smartphone, you’ll appreciate the clear image. This Full HD camera gives you a detailed picture so you always know what you’re looking at. This isn’t just during the day, either.

Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell

This wired system is complete with an intelligent camera to give you full access to your front door from anywhere. Compatible with Apple’s Homekit, the camera captures 160° in 1080p Full HD. Likewise, the wide-angle camera also sports HDR functionality. This means that it can intelligently respond to changes in light in real time. As a result, you’ll only see the clearest and crispest footage no matter what. With a motion detection system, the camera will instantly notify you when anyone approaches the door. It can even tell you if someone tries to steal the camera.



Kangaroo Siren Smart Keypad Alarm

Compatible with Kangaroo’s sensors, this device makes an audible noise when the sensors detect a trespasser in your home. In addition, Siren works as a base station for your whole Kangaroo security system. You can also use the integrated keypad to manually arm and disarm your home when you are away from your phone. Moreover, each family member can have his or her own unique PIN to access the keypad. The smart keypad alarm even provides two Roo Tags, allowing guests to disarm the system with a single tap.

TP-Link Kasa Cam Smart Outdoor Security Camera

This weatherproof cam keeps a watchful eye on your home and deters intruders. Using the Kasa Smart app, you can access up to two days of crystal clear 1080p video for no additional cost. Likewise, the wide-angle video ensures you can easily see everything that is happening. Kasa Cam Outdoor even works at night, detecting activity up to 30 feet away by using Night Vision. In addition, the camera comes with clear two-way audio, allowing you to greet the person at your front door or activate the siren to scare off intruders.

D-Link Mini HD Wi-Fi Camera 2-Pack

Featuring a 120-degree wide-angle lens, this device makes it easy to monitor your home or office. Whether you’re monitoring your pets or watching for intruders, you can see important details with clear HD 720p video. Additionally, you’ll always know what’s happening with motion and sound detection that even sends alerts to your phone. This camera comes in a compact size so you can discreetly set it up anywhere.

The best home security gadgets to monitor your home from afar

D-Link Mini HD Wi-Fi Camera 2-Pack in White