The best home accessories and gadgets every modern home should have

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Looking to upgrade your home? Whether you’re wanting to add some smart functionality or clever convenience, you'll need to take into account how these home accessories will best serve you but also how they look. Here are some high-tech gadgets that look as great as they function.

The best home accessories and gadgets every modern home should have
A Modern Home Living-Room Setup / Dan Gold via Unsplash

When it’s time to upgrade a part of your home, you have so many options. Aside from knocking down walls and refurbishing the entire place, there are also home accessoriesand gadgets that will totally transform your space.

Should you want more convenience, there are plenty of smart home devices to help you live smarter. Or, if you’re looking to a simple refresh, a single piece of furniture or decor can take your living to all-new levels.

No matter what you do to revamp your home, these home accessories will add that touch of sophistication and style with just the right amount of technology.

Burrow Nomad Sofa Modular Couch

When you think of smart home devices, introducing technology to a couch is probably the last thing on your mind. But, that’s exactly what came first for Burrow with their Nomad Sofa. It’s a modular couch but offers so much more than a comfy seat. Hidden inside the couch are a built-in USB charger and power cord. And, unlike the cable you’ve got stretching to your couch now, this cord is a whopping 72 inches long. That’s six feet of cord so anyone and everyone on the couch can easily charge up.

Miracle-Gro Twelve Hydroponic Indoor Growing System

There are plenty of smart indoor gardens on the market, but the Miracle-Gro Twelve might be the most attractive. Functioning as a side table, Twelve is a hydroponic indoor system for growing all year long. This is all thanks to a clever lighting system which, by the way, offers beautiful ambient light. With a modern and sophisticated design contrasting with the natural vibe of the plants, this is one side table you won’t want to be tucked behind a couch (although it’ll look great everywhere). With fresh produce all year long and a timeless style, what more could you need?

Helios Touch Modular Lighting System

Want to replace those hand-me-down dimmable lamps from your parents? With Helios Touch, you absolutely can. These clever lights are modular in design and respond do your touch. Coming in hexagonal panels, you can arrange and rearrange them however you’d like. From a basic orb of light to creating a shape, it adds a new dimension to designing with light. Plus, they’re so easy to manage. You simply tap the panels you want to illuminate. Turn on as many or as few as you want. And, you can even customize just how bright the lights are using the app for a truly catered lighting experience.

Twelve South PowerPic Wireless Charger Photo Frame

You’ve probably walked down countless store aisles looking at all the photo frames thinking they look the same. And you’re right. But PowerPic from Twelve South is a wireless charger photo frame and we’re sure you’ve never seen anything like it. The modern frame looks great in any setting and it comes in your choice of white or black. But, the display is actually digital, so you can choose just want to feature. But that’s not all. PowerPic also sports a built-in wireless charging system. Just rest your phone inside the frame and it’ll automatically begin to charge with up to 10W of power.

DynaTrap Flylight Indoor Insect Trap

You know what doesn’t look good in any home? Those gross flycatcher strips hanging from the ceiling. Or a large light that buzzes constantly. Or having to use a tennis racket to kill flies. DynaTrap’s Flylight is the only insect trap that’ll actually look good in your home. It plugs into an outlet and looks just like an air freshener but with a modern style. However, rather than a nightlight, it has a powerful UV light that attracts flies. Then, it uses concealed sticky paper that traps them in place. Removing the sticky paper is a breeze. Impressively, Flylight can manage an area of up to 600 square feet.

Big Ass Fans Haiku Smart Ceiling Fan

There are few things as nice as the perfect amount of breeze in your home on a nice day. But if your ceiling fan has seen better days, it’s time to upgrade to the Haiku Smart Ceiling Fan. Connecting via Wi-Fi, this fan knows when it needs to turn on. It uses SenseME technology to know your preferences and detect when your space needs some refreshing air movement. And thanks to the unique design of the fan blades, Haiku moves air efficiently and it can even be installed on slanted ceilings.

Netgear Meural Canvas II Digital Frame

Art shouldn’t be forgotten when it comes to smart technology. The Meural Canvas II from Netgear combines the worlds with stunning beauty. At first glance, guests in your home may not look twice. But Meural Canvas II is actually a digital picture frame. Using the app, you can choose from thousands of artwork options. Or, you can upload your own creations and photos. It features an anti-glare matte display and an ambient light sensor to determine the optimal brightness throughout the day. With Alexa integration, you can also update the image on display using just your voice.

GreenFrame Potted Plant Room Divider

One great way to make the most of your space is to use a room divider. And very unlike most room dividers, GreenFrame brings your space to life. Featuring a wooden frame, a built-in light, and three spots for potted plants, GreenFrame gives something for your eyes to marvel at other than a bare white wall. This room divider goes against the mold of a cubicle feeling so you feel connected yet separate from the other side of the room. The cable and adapter connect right into the frame, making it easy to place anywhere you need.

IKEA and Sonos Symfonisk Table Lamp Wi-Fi Speaker

The reigning royalty for innovation in the smart home space has to be IKEA. Teaming up with Sonos, we get the Symfonisk Lamp. Although, it’s so much more than a lamp. While you wouldn’t know at first glance, this lamp also houses a really powerful speaker. After all, it comes from Sonos. Connect seamlessly to your device via Wi-FI and then use the nob on the side to adjust the volume to your liking. Warning: this speaker can get LOUD. It can even pair with other Sonos speakers for true room-filling sound.

Have we convinced you that there are plenty of home accessories and gadgets to improve your space? Bringing tech into your life isn’t just about grabbing onto the latest trends. Mixing in smart devices, clever designs, and intelligent functionality to your more traditional furniture and aesthetics can totally transform your space.

Of course, you can add in one cool gadget at a time or go all-in and upgrade everything. Which home accessories or gadgets would you add to your space? Do you have any we should add to our list? Let us know in the comments!

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