The best Black Friday deals from around the internet

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From the biggest names in tech to the coolest gadgets and gear you've never seen before, Black Friday is the ultimate day to do all your holiday shopping. It doesn't matter who you have on your list, you'll find the perfect gift for everyone (and at the right price).

The best Black Friday deals from around the internet
The best Black Friday deals from around the internet

Now that Thanksgiving dinner is officially over (unless you’re still eating, but we won’t judge!), you can focus on the biggest sale event of the entire year. Just about any type of product in every industry is on sale for Black Friday. You can find a deal just about anywhere.

As such, it can be really difficult trying to find the right deals for everyone on your shopping list. But don’t worry. We’ve rounded up all the best Black Friday deals from around the internet and we’re serving them up on a silver platter. That same platter that just served you all that turkey.

Miko 2 Advanced AI Kids Robot (50% Off)

They say one of the best ways to learn is through conversation. Thanks to AI and facial and voice recognition, your kids can do just that with Miko 2. This advanced robot can have a full conversation, to educate, engage, and entertain children all while they learn. Miko 2 can hear, see, speak, learn, teach, and even sing. Plus, this clever robot adapts as your child grows so they can continue to learn together.

Promate PowerState All-in-One Dock ($50 Off – Code: PowerState50)

If you love all things Apple, you’re going to need the PowerState Dock. With an all-in-one design, this charging system has a spot for your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch. It props your devices up so they’re on display so you won’t miss any notifications as they charge. Plus, it offers 10W of power for faster and more efficient charging.

iDevices Smart Wi-Fi Dimmer Switch ($40 Off)

For many of us, fancy smart lights with millions of color options are a bit over the top. The iDevices Smart Wi-Fi Dimmer Switch, on the other hand, offers just what you need. Designed to replace your current switch plate, this device lets you fully dim your lights. But with Wi-Fi connectivity, it also lets you fully manage and dim your lights via the app no matter where you are. You can even use the app to create schedules and offers integration with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.

Scanmarker Pen-Shaped Scanner (30% Off)

Gone are the days of using your office or library printer to simply scan one page. Instead, you can scan what you want whenever and wherever you want with the Scanmarker. It’s a pen-shaped scanner that lets you highlight the text you want to scan. Then, it delivers the scans right to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. If that wasn’t convenient enough, it can also translate over 40 languages.

UVENA RFID-Blocking Card (30% Off)

You’ve heard plenty about RFID-blocking wallets, but they probably don’t match your style. With the UVENA Card, you can achieve that technology in any wallet you want. This RFID-blocking card is about the size of a credit card so it fits in any wallet. Though small in size, it can absorb RFID signals in a 2.5-centimeter radius, protecting everything from your credit cards to your passport to your car key.

Eazywallz Custom & Removable Wallpaper (Up to 40% off all orders over $199)

With the Eazywallz Custom Wallpaper, you can decorate and redecorate your space however you want. There are over 1.5 million designs to choose from whether you want to cover all your walls or just create an accent wall. And even after you decide on a design, you can swap it out in a snap thanks to the removable design. Best of all, it leaves no damage behind. Each wall mural is customized so it’s sure to fit any space in your house.

Customaps Customizable Map Decor (50% off all digital maps)

There’s no place like home and that’s because you can make your space totally your own. With the Customaps Customizable Map Decor, you can truly create a one-of-a-kind space through custom posters and wallpaper. Simply find your location, which can be anywhere in the world, and choose your style among the 14 fabulous designs. Then, you can choose to add in a highlight for a particular route or add markers to specify locations. With a finishing touch, you can add a label to your map to make it truly your own.

Quick Start Grill Automatically Lighting Charcoal BBQ ($69 off & free shipping)

Not only can the Quick Start Grill reach 950°F within four minutes, but this efficiency helps you use your charcoal more efficiently, too. It’s also a superbly lightweight and compact grill, meaning it’s perfect for small space living, camping, and everywhere in between.

LIFEASE Silk Hypoallergenic Pillowcase (Buy One Get One Free! Code: SILKBOGO)

If you’re looking for a way to make bedtime even better, add the LIFEASE Pillowcase into the mix. This silk pillowcase is hypoallergenic and features fine Mulberry silk. In addition, while one side is 100% silk, the other features a silk and cotton combination, making it perfect for every sleeper. No matter which you choose, both are breathable and moisture-wicking to keep you comfortable all night long.

SANDMARC Lenses for iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, 11 (20% OFF with Code: BF2019)

The camera on the iPhone is already pretty great, but the SANDMARC Lenses for iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, 11 will take your mobile photography to all-new levels. This lens collection includes a macro, telephoto, wide, fisheye, and anamorphic. The macro is for capturing details, the telephoto for distance subjects, the wide for idyllic landscapes, and the fisheye to capture the whole scene. Perhaps the most impressive is anamorphic which adds an instant cinematic quality to all your captures.

OnePlus 7 Pro Bezel-less Android Smartphone ($150 Off)

While the iPhone always reigns supreme, there are plenty of great non-iPhone options. The OnePlus 7 Pro is an Android smartphone with a bezel-less design. Offering insanely fast charging, it can recharge for hours of use in only 20 minutes. Sleek, modern, and fully capable, this smartphone runs on Android OxygenOS 9.5 and features a 90Hz refresh rate no matter the apps you use.

Autonomous Kinn Chair Full Range of Motion Office Chair ($60 Off)

You probably haven’t thought much about your desk chair, but you absolutely should upgrade seeing as you sit in it for eight hours a day. The Kinn Chair was designed and modeled after the human spine. As a result, it’s totally ergonomic and supports you however you move. Even with all that support, it offers freedom of movement as it dynamically adjusts to your body.

MagicMount™ Charge3 Vent Wireless Magnetic Mount (35% off sitewide)

Even if you love your current wall charger, we can assure you this one is even better. The MagicMount™ Charge3 Vent delivers fast 10W charging for Qi-compatible devices. Plus, it has a FreeFlow Swing Arm so you can adjust the angle and position to be exactly where you need. And, with the FreeFlow Base, this clever car charger doesn’t block your car’s air vent. Best of all, your device stays in place thanks to powerful magnets so it’s truly wireless and cradle-less.

iJoou Personal Pocket Therapist ($100 Off)

Bridging the gap between ancient tried and true methods and modern technology, the iJoou Personal Pocket Therapist provides smart relief. It uses Moxibustion—an ancient healing method and form of acupuncture. However, with technology, you can take this technology with you just about anywhere for relief anywhere.

ChargeTech 3-in-1 Wireless Charger Multi-Device Hub (30% off sitewide – code: EARLY30)

Are you a lover of Apple devices? Your charging station is probably a tangled mess. But with the ChargeTech 3-in-1 Charger, the cables are a thing of the past. This all-in-one wireless charging station has a spot for your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch. While keeping them on display, you can place your smartphone in portrait or landscape orientation so you can watch Netflix and never miss a notification.

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock Smart Alarm (25% off)

Did you know: there’s a better way to wake up and it’s with Alexa. The Echo Dot with Clockis a smart alarm that’s absent of a bright screen. Instead, it shows a fairly dim (at least in comparison) digital display of the time. While a small or absent screen is the opposite of tech trends, your eyes will appreciate it in the middle of the night. Plus, if there’s anything you need to know, you can just ask Alexa.

Ring Peephole Cam Door View Camera ($50 off)

Looking for a better view of your front door? Try the Ring Peephole Cam. It looks like a smart doorbell, but it actually just replaces the peephole. When someone approaches and knocks, you can use the app to instantly see who’s at the door with a live view. Then, you can communicate through the device. Of course, it does have a button for a doorbell if someone feels inclined to press it.

Amazon Echo Show 5 Alexa Enabled Smart Screen (11% off)

For a truly smarter way to wake up, the Echo Show 5 is what you need. It’s an Alexa-enabled smart screen that can connect you to your entire home. You can use the display to connect to your smart baby monitor. Or it can be used as a video chat device. For those who crave privacy, on the top of the Echo Show 5 is a video feed kill switch.

ecobee Smart Thermostat ($50 off)

One of the first smart home devices people buy is a smart thermostat and that’s for good reason. The ecobee SmartThermostat offers voice control so you can simply ask Alexa to set the temperature. And that’s not all. The smart device can detect how many people are in the room and automatically adjust accordingly.

BioLite FirePit Smokeless Wood Fire Pit (15% off)

Just because you’re in the great outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a home-cooked meal. The BioLite FirePit is a smokeless fire pit that has two fuel modes. With the choice of wood or charcoal, it achieves stunning flames with no smoke. Plus, in addition to great cooking, you’ll love being able to see the flames dance through the mesh panel siding. It’s also incredibly lightweight so it’s a breeze to take anywhere.

Anker PowerPort Atom III Slim USB-C Charger ($14 off)

No matter how advanced smartphones get, they’ll still need to recharge and the Anker PowerPort Atom III will help. It’s a superbly slim USB-C charging adapter. It’s thin enough to fit discreetly behind furniture. And don’t worry; you’ll know if it’s probably plugged in because the small blue ring on the front will illuminate when your phone is plugged in. It also offers fast charging for your iPhone and even your MacBook.

Anova Precision Cooker Pro Sous Vide Device ($100 off)

Truly blow everyone away with your culinary abilities when you have the Anova Precision Cooker Pro in your kitchen. It’s a compact sous vide device that can actually work for 10,000 hours nonstop. With a flow rate of 12 liters per minute, it allows you to evenly cook exceptionally delicious food in less time. From steak to fish to veggies, this device will turn you in a master chef.

Belkin BOOST UP Wireless iPhone Charging Pad ($25 off)

Gone are the days of staying wired to the wall. With the Belkin BOOST UP Wireless iPhone Charging Pad, you can keep your phone charging every time you set it down on your desk. After all, while you’re working, that’s exactly where it goes. All it needs is a power source and you’re good to go with all the latest iPhone models. Thanks to the built-in technology, it ensures a fast, efficient, and safe charge every time.

beyerdynamic Lagoon ANC Headphones ($100 off)

Are you still using headphones that let all the sounds in the world leak in? It’s time to upgrade with the beyerdynamic Lagoon ANC Headphones. They offer digital noise cancellation with hybrid technology. This means you can hear nothing but your music even in the noisiest of environments. But also, you’ll still be able to hear important sounds like traffic signals or car horns. With MOSAYC sound personalization, you can cater the noise to your ears.

mophie Powerstation AC Universal Battery (30% off)

There’s one thing that should be on everyone’s wish list this year: a powerful power bank. Any product from mophie is sure to impress but the powerstation AC will truly blow you away. There are plenty of ports for all of your power-hungry devices. But it can also work with large devices like your laptop thanks to the built-in AC outlet.

Chipolo Classic Device Tracker (Buy 2 and get 1 free)

With all this tech in your arsenal, you’re bound to misplace or even lose some of it. But not with Chipolo. This compact and practical Bluetooth tracker lets you keep a virtual eye on all of your gadgets and gear. It’s small enough to fit on your key chain, live in your wallet, or even stash inside of your bag while remaining unnoticed. And if you lose your smartphone, you can use the tracker to track it down.

DJI Osmo Action Dual Screen Video Camera ($100 off)

Unlike other action cameras on the market, the DJI Osmo Action Camera features a dual-screen so you can see the action while you take your selfies. Of course, coming from DJI, it’s loaded with cinematic-quality features like 8x slow motion, HDR video, and so much more. And of course, it’s small enough to fit right inside your pocket.

Dyson Cyclone V10 Cordless Vacuum ($250 off)

While you’ve probably never enjoyed cleaning your home, you just might when you use the Dyson Cyclone V10. This cordless vacuum can go anywhere in the house without a cord keeping you tied down. Powerful and mighty, it’s a surprisingly compact vacuum. And, because it only weighs 125 grams, you’ll never have to lug it anywhere. You can simply carry it up and down the stairs as you need. With an hour-long battery life, it’s plenty of time to clean the whole house.

Handcrafted Automatic Watch by Hanbury (25% off)

For a truly unique look, the Hanbury Handcrafted Automatic Watch will fit the bill. Featuring an all-wood watch face, no two of these watches look the same. This is because the dials showcase beautiful wood grain from every angle. You have the choice of natural oak or white maple, while the face includes Super-Luminova hours and minutes as well as a date window. It’s also water-resistant to 100 meters, making it suitable for any and every day.

Eight Sleep Pod High Tech Bed ($200 off + $300 worth Black Friday gift)

The one thing we all need more of but probably don’t get is sleep. But that changes with the Eight Sleep Pod High Tech Bed. Featuring dynamic temperature regulation, biometric tracking, smart home integration, and sleep coaching, you might think this bed is from the future. But it’s available now so you can start falling asleep faster, staying asleep for longer, and waking up feeling your absolute best.

Elgato Stream Deck XL Live Content Creation Controller (20% off)

Got a creator in your life? They’ll love the Elgato Stream Deck XL. It’s a live content creation controller. This means they can quickly and easily control content with just a touch. And with 24 buttons, there’s no shortage of creativity that can flow. Everything from lights, camera, and action are just a touch of a button away. It’s also complete with a magnetic base so it stays sturdy on any surface.

Deals That Are Expiring Too Fast

Apart from the deals above, we also grabbed some of the most exciting deals on popular products.

– 65-inch TCL 6-series 4K Roku TV (36% off on Amazon)

– Insignia 32-inch Fire TV Edition (41% off with Free Echo Dot on Amazon)

 UE Wonderboom Bluetooth speaker ($60 off)

– Fire HD 8 Tablet ($30 off)

And that does it! Those are the best Black Friday deals of 2019. Did you find something for everyone on your list? We’re pretty sure we did. Or do you have a great deal to add? Let us know in the comments!