New gadgets 2020 has in store for us

Article issued by Gadget Flow

If you have been looking for new gadgets to buy, 2020 isn't going to disappoint you at all. In fact, within a month we've seen loads of new tech gadgets that can surely add more oomph to your everyday life. We've just curated some of our favorites in this blog for you to check and possibly add to your wishlist now.

New gadgets 2020 has in store for us
Logitech Ergo K860 Ergonomic Keyboard with a Flexible Design

We know, we sound like a broken record, but we’re always excited about new products. And some of these new gadgets 2020 has in store for us are pretty amazing. Especially since so many of them are designed to make our lives better, easier, and more streamlined. There’s always some new gadget on the horizon, and while a lot of them are great, many of our favorites are ones that enable us to do less. Don’t we all love those extra minutes to watch Netflix? Witcher, anyone?

These items will give your daily life that little bit of an extra oomph you’ve been looking for. Boring child playmat? Get one that can educate and entertain your toddler instead. Run out of toilet paper? Don’t worry, there’s a robot for that. And forget about gross trash and air filters. There’s a gadget for that now too.

Logitech Ergo K860 Ergonomic Keyboard

With the Logitech Ergo K860 Ergonomic Keyboard, you won’t feel strained after a long day at the computer anymore. This keyboard features a split design to improve your posture and provide better support. With a curved body, the Ergo K860 places your forearms in a more natural position. This is something you’ll notice the moment you start typing. You’ll also feel a smoother, more precise keystroke with the matte keys. For your wrists, a palm lift feature with three tilts will boost your hand into a more natural position depending on your office setup.



OneLife PureOne Silent Air Purifier

While many people realize the need for cleaner air outdoors, it’s easy to forget that indoor air can be even more polluted. You probably spend a lot of your time inside. And the constant exposure to fine particles, mold spores, and chemicals has harmful effects on your health. This air purifier offers an easy, silent, and effective way to keep the air in your home clean. With an ionizer unit, the PureOne removes the smallest fine particles without any ozone damage. So you can keep its whisper-quiet fans running all night.

Charmin RollBot Toilet Paper Delivery Robot

If you happen to run out of toilet paper while you’re already on the toilet, you know how frustrating that can be. This cute little robot uses Bluetooth to respond when you call it. Just use your smartphone—because, of course, you have it when you’re on the toilet—to call this Charmin robot via Bluetooth. This delivery bot can carry just one toilet paper roll at a time, but that’s enough to save you when you need it. Just make sure you keep it stocked up so it’s ready to go in an emergency.

Funtory Magic Carpet Toddler Playmat

If you have a toddler, you likely have a playmat for them. And you shouldn’t use that boring old playmat that’s the same as when you were little. Instead, invest in a Funtory Magic Carpet Toddler Playmat. This fun playmat combines safety, fun design, and AR technology. It features safe material that is easy to clean, has anti-slip safety, and is a fall-proof cushion. Because little ones slip, fall, and make messes. Best of all is the AR element that will bring this playmat to life with educational games.

Ring Smart Lighting Solar

Keep the outdoors of your home lit up efficiently with the new Ring Smart Lighting Solarthat works easily with sunlight. In fact, a few hours of sunlight exposure every day can keep these lights charged around the clock. It also comes with a rechargeable battery pack so that you can use it as a backup whenever in need. You can customize the timing of operation for these lights from the Ring app. Setting routines and enabling features like Dusk to Dawn will be super easy from the app. This allows you to keep your lights dimly lit at night, reaching your preferred brightness when they detect motion.



Core Meditation Trainer

Add some mindfulness to your life this year with the Core Meditation Trainer. This handheld device actually tracks your meditation history, helping you see how far you’ve come. Made of rosewood, this beautiful spherical Core device provides a natural look, allowing you to connect with the earth. Additionally, this meditation device has a built-in ECG sensor. So it knows where you’re at in the process. And you will also get access to a few guided meditation experiences—though you get access to more with a subscription. You can choose a monthly or annual subscription to the app to help you successfully practice meditation.

Netatmo Smart Door Lock and Keys

The keys in this system are customizable, impossible to duplicate, and you can deactivate or reactivate them with just one click from the app. These smart keys work just like any other conventional key but if they are lost or stolen, your home’s security is not at risk. With the app, you can also activate a new set of Smart Keys by yourself. Or, you can use your smartphone as a spare key in case you leave yours in the house or someplace else. From withstanding physical as well as electronic attacks, this smart door lock and keys sets benchmark in home security systems.

townew Self-Changing Trash Can

This self-sealing trash can automatically closes garbage bags when they’re full. This incredible design means you won’t encounter any leaking, overfull trash bags, or any spills. Additionally, you won’t have foul odors filling up your kitchen because this automatic trash can keeps smells in. And when it’s time to empty the trash, the townew seals the thermoplastic bag. Thanks to the overload feature, it can even seal the bag properly when trash is overflowing. Using a refill ring with 25 trash bags, this automatic garbage can automatically installs a new bag in place. This garbage can even has a motion sensor, so it will open when you approach it.