9 Geek gifts & gadgets to impress your nerdy friends

Article issued by Gadget Flow

While the term “geek” used to be offensive, we now wear the badge with honor. Regardless of your interests, diving into a geeky topic or hobby is a trait we all have. It’s just a matter of which geeky subject matters most. And for your geeky friends, we’ve got just the perfect gifts.

9 Geek gifts & gadgets to impress your nerdy friends
Blue and Black Robot Figurine / Craig Sybert via Unsplash

If you know your friends well enough, you know whether they’d love geek gifts or something more traditional. And, being a geek isn’t a bad thing. Well, at least now it isn’t.

Growing up, you may have heard the terms “geek” and “nerd” refer to someone who’s smart and really into their studies. TV shows would depict geeks and nerds as students sitting alone at lunch or spending their free time in the library and being turned down for a date by the popular kid. Saved by the Bell’s Screech was a total geek among his friends and Freaks and Geeks celebrated the divide among the student body social climate.

Thankfully, a lot has changed. Now, the cool thing is to be really invested in something that involves education, whether it’s the latest computer, cool gadgets and gear, or even eco-friendly and climate-aware devices. We see just how things have changed in that scene in 21 Jump Street where Jenko makes fun of a student studying, laughing as he tells everyone “Look! he’s trying!” But as the scene unfolds, it becomes clear that studying and being smart is now the in-thing.

If a keen interest in topics like this makes us geeks, we’ll wear the title with pride. There’s nothing like geeking out on a TED talk from a person you admire. Or binge-watching a docuseries to stay up to date on the latest crimes. Or even staying up all night to be the very first owner of a new game. And it only gets better when our geeky friends share their interests with us, expanding our geekiness even more.

Whether your friend’s geeky side makes them the world’s biggest fan of Star Wars, Greta Thunberg, or reliving the Space Race through books, there are plenty of products that will make great geek gifts.

HP OMEN Mindframe Cooling Gaming Headset

If you’ve got a friend who’s into gaming, we’re pretty certain they don’t have anything like the HP OMEN Mindframe Headset. Designed for gamer geeks, this headset uses FrostCap technology which puts a thermoelectric device in each ear cup. Then, this adds cooling air to keep your friend cool no matter how heated things get.

Blackboard Electronic Writing Tool

For the friend who’s always writing plenty of notes, check out the Blackboard. At the perfect 8.5×11-inch dimensions, it uses liquid crystal paper and a stylus for exceptional precision. It’ll feel like putting pen to paper, except you can erase and write over the same surface again and again. To save, simply pair with the app to download everything from notes to doodles to Nobel-winning papers.

Levimoon Levitating Moon Light

Nothing says “geek” quite like an interest in space. With Levimoon, you can give your friend the entire moon. This unique light levitates in mid-air above its walnut wood base. The moon itself is highly and accurately detailed, showing the Sea of Tranquility and the dark side of the moon. And, it also recharges wirelessly and is dimmable, making it easy to keep on display.

X LapDesk Multifunctional Lap Desk Workstation

Whether your friend is a gamer, student, or really into their work, the X LapDesk can do wonders for their productivity. It totally re-imagines the traditional lap desk, putting things like a mouse pad, movable wrist supports, device stands, and more in one place. It’s the ultimate way for your friend to work on the couch, bed, floor, or anywhere they’re most comfortable.

PlayStation Throwing Some Shapes Light

Ever gamer geek has their own preferences when it comes to equipment. The Throwing Some Shapes Light lets you honor their gaming side without cramping their gaming style. These fun lights show the iconic PlayStation controller symbols in their traditional colors. The four-inch high light is easy to put anywhere at it takes three AAA batteries.

Palette Cube Portable Color Digitizer

Have a friend really into creativity and design? The Palette Cube will blow them away with its ability. This handheld device can identify colors of just about any object. Your friend has to simply place it on a color they light and Cube will let them know what it is. This offers unprecedented creativity options so they can design like never before.

Razer Viper Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

The Razer Viper is a unique gaming mouse for one reason: it’s ambidextrous. No matter which hand they use, your friend’s gaming abilities will improve. The mouse is superbly lightweight, something every gamer will appreciate. And, it glides with total precision as it’s super responsive and offers fast actuation.

Star Wars Darth Vader Clapper

For the Star Wars fan in your life who loves technology, the Darth Vader Clapper is the perfect intersection. The Sith Lord plugs right into the outlet and has a plug for any lap. Then, with just a clap, the Star Wars fan can turn the light on and off. They’ll feel like they have the power of the Force, although they may be on the Dark Side.

Atari Retro Handheld Console

The ultimate geek would absolutely remember and love the classic Atari games. With this retro handheld console, they can take it on the go. This gaming device even has the traditional wood casing. And, it comes pre-loaded with 50 classic games to throw your friend right into peak nostalgia.

What a list, if we do say so ourselves! With so many options to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect gift for any of your geeky friends no matter what their interests are. Gifts are restricted to the holidays, although you could always get shopping a little bit early. Or, perhaps our list just gave you a bunch of ideas to spoil yourself. Don’t worry – we won’t tell!