16 EDC gadgets you didn’t know you needed until now

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Wallet? Check. Phone? Check. But what about everything else? Isn’t it time you upgrade what you carry and how you carry it? These gadgets will simplify everything from your commute to a day at the office.

16 EDC gadgets you didn’t know you needed until now
Aquio Water Bottle and Speaker in Maroon

When you think about your commute, your mind probably instantly goes to transportation. You imagine all the grueling details about the dreaded journey by car, bus, train, taxi, cycle path, or sidewalk it takes to get to your office.

While the task itself of commuting isn’t always fun, it can certainly be made better by what you carry. In fact, you can upgrade your entire day when you have the right stuff on you.

From the way you carry your cash to the extra little tech gadgets you need throughout the day, everyday carry items are essential for a smooth day. So, what are the best EDC gadgets?

We’re glad you asked. No matter what you need, your mode of transportation, or your day brings, these practical gadgets and gear will see you through.

Vonmählen High Five Signature Keychain Phone Charger

While the EDC gear everyone has can be radically different, we all carry one similar item: a smartphone. And what do all smartphones need? Chargers (unfortunately). While finding a free outlet or port is getting easier, lugging around USB cables isn’t. Enter the High Five Signature. It’s a universal power cable that comes in the form of a key chain. Because it’s always on you, you can maximize your use of that free USB port anywhere you are. Plus, it has five different connector options so you can charge up any device anywhere.

SanCore Nappa Leather AirPods Case

Are you the proud owner of a pair of Apple AirPods? Pair their high-end abilities with the SanCore Nappa Leather AirPods Case to give yourself a pop of style. Coming in your choice of green or gray, this slim case hugs every corner of the AirPods case. It features a fold-over flap and secures with your snap for truly all-over protection. The bottom has a cut out so you can easily charge the earbuds without removing them. And the newer AirPods can still wirelessly charge through the case. Complete with a key chain at the top, you can attach the case to your keys, gear, clothes, or anywhere you need.

Chipolo Card Thin Wallet Tracker

Of everything you carry, your wallet is the most important. Okay with Apple Pay on your iPhone, perhaps it’s the second most important. Losing your wallet is never fun and losing it forever means days of replacing the contents inside. But Chipolo managed to put their innovative tracking technology into a device that’s small enough for even the slimmest of wallets. Chipolo Card looks very similar to a credit card. However, it pairs with an app to let you know its exact whereabouts. Place it in that one slot of your wallet you never use and you’re good to go.

Dango D01 Dapper Pen Wallet Industrial Bifold

Speaking of wallets, the Dango D01 Dapper Pen Wallet has just about everything but the kitchen sink. This wallet has enough room for up to 16 cards. If you think about it, that’s probably more than are even in your current wallet. There’s also plenty of space for cash if you still carry it. For total protection, digital and physical, the wallet is also water-resistant and has RFID-blocking technology. Still not enough convenience for you? Dango threw a durable anodized aluminum pen into the mix, too. And an integrated pad of paper. Because why not have everything you could possibly need in one place?

Senz° Micro Pocket-Sized Umbrella

Life certainly isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, which is why umbrellas exist. And while you can probably picture a typical umbrella in your head, the Senz° Micro is nothing like you’ve ever seen. Weighing less than half a pound, it doesn’t take the shape of a circular. Instead, its asymmetrical shape is actually designed to be aerodynamic so you can take that rainstorm by storm. And it isn’t just for rainy days. The Micro also offers UPF50+ protection so you can avoid 98% of UV rays from the sun. Did we mention it folds down to a superbly compact, pocket-friendly size? Because it does. Making it a must-have EDC item.

band&roll Kangaroo Leather Smartphone Wallet Case

Ever see someone with a smartphone without a case? It’s like seeing a unicorn. If you’re a sane person who likes to protect their expensive tech, the band&roll Kangaroo Case is a fantastic EDC item. Like other cases on the market, the Kangaroo features a built-in wallet with space for a few cards. But unlike other cases, it’s actually more like a sleeve. This means it envelopes your entire smartphone, front and back. When you need to use it, you can simply slide it out. And, the premium materials will pair with anything in your closet.

Mifa X1 Twin Stereo Wireless Earbuds

One of the most popular items on anyone’s list of EDC gear has to be a pair of wireless earbuds. Unlike wired earbuds, wireless ones give you the freedom to move and not have to worry about keeping your phone in your pocket. Using Bluetooth 5.0, the Mifa X1 Earbuds deliver crystal clear audio. They also feature noise cancellation for those loud train rides. But they’re also waterproof and sweat-proof so they can stand up to your workout, too. Lasting a full four hours on a single charge, they’ll see you through your commutes to and from work and even your time at the gym. If your day is extra grueling, you can use the included charging case to top them up anywhere you are.

Wingback Key Cache EDC Money Stash

If you’re looking for an even smaller way to carry your cash, or at least make sure you have cash for emergencies, check out the Wingback. At first glance, you’ll think… well, you may not know what this thing is. Which is good; this means no one else will, either. In fact, this tiny metal capsule is actually made to stash a single rolled-up bill. This could be $20 or even $100, however much you think you’re going to need in an emergency. In addition to USD, it also works with GBP, EUR, and many other banknotes so it’s also great for international travel. Featuring a durable built-in key ring at the top, you could choose to put your personal information inside rather than money. In the event your keys are lost, they’ll be far more likely to be returned to you.

Aquio Water Bottle and Speaker

You already know you’re supposed to drink plenty of water throughout the day, which means you’re probably lugging around a water bottle. But does your water bottle only hold water? The Aquio Water Bottle not only holds water, but it also features a built-in speaker. Doing double duty, this unique bottle also moonlights as a thermal mug. In fact, it can keep your hot drink hot for 14 hours. Or if you like it cold, it can keep your drinks cold for a whopping 24 hours. You’re probably asking yourself: is there anything this water bottle can’t do? Well, it can’t go in the dishwasher. But that’s to be expected as it has a double-walled stainless steel construction.

High Camp Halflight 375 Steel Travel Flask

Okay, perhaps having enough water isn’t a concern of yours and you’re more into a tipple. That’s fine; no judgment here. However, you can’t really be lugging around an entire bottle with you. Or perhaps you can with the High Camp Halflight 375. This steel travel flask may look compact, and it is, but it actually has enough room for 375mL. For those not in the know, that’s half a bottle. Of whatever spirit you want. It’s also leakproof thanks to a silicone seal. And for those who are truly on the go, it comes with a tumbler so you can sip whenever, wherever.

The Stilwell High-Quality Compact Pen

There are few things as satisfying as a great pen. Unfortunately, when you’re on the go, it’s unlikely you have a nice one hanging around. Or even a pen at all. The Stilwell is a high-quality pen that’s made to go wherever you go. It’s wonderfully compact so you can stash it in just about any pocket. It also comes with a lanyard so you can attach it to your gear. The Stilwell is expertly crafted to be well-balanced to suit any writing task at hand whether you’re buying a house or signing autographs.

mophie Fabric powerstation XL Portable Battery

If there’s one thing we should all be carrying, it’s a power bank. And if you’re going to carry a power bank, there’s no need to settle. The mophie Fabric powerstation XL features a powerful 15,000 mAh battery inside a modern and stylish exterior. Smaller than a smartphone, this power bank can recharge three devices simultaneously thanks to the three ports. Two of these are USB and the other is USB-C for all your modern devices. Offering an additional 55 hours of use on your device, the powerstation XL is a must-carry for those unexpectedly long commutes home.

Dango P02 Pioneer Large Travel Wallet

There are wallets and then there are travel wallets. If you’re a digital nomad, if you travel for work, or if you simply give in to your wanderlust whenever it hits, you need the Dango P02 Pioneer. It’s a large wallet, but not too large. There’s a spot for everything from your passport to your cash. But there are also super convenient slots like one for an SD card or even an additional passport if you’re traveling with someone. The back zipper pocket is also large enough to hold those annoyingly large plane tickets. Obviously, if you’re carrying such important stuff, it needs to be secure. The wallet features a durable lock and a nylon shoulder strap to keep everything close and accessible.

Waterproof MacBook Sleeve

In the world of digital nomads, we all have laptops that we can take to and from work. This enables us to work from just about anywhere. But, this also increases the chances of us damaging our devices. From crowded trains to getting caught in the rain, our poor laptops are left in a vulnerable position. With this MacBook Sleeve, though, you’ll have total peace of mind. The waterproof exterior keeps your laptop safe from the elements while you’re on your commute. Inside is a flannel lining that cushions your laptop from every angle. Along with your laptop, there’s space inside to squeeze in your charging cable, adapter, and a mouse. And the outside features a zipper pocket to stash your smaller devices. What more could you need?

16 EDC gadgets you didn’t know you needed until now

Slim and stylish, it’ll keep your laptop protected

Mr. Lentz Leather Key Holder Pocket

Tired of your keys jingling and jangling in your pocket? So is everyone around you. Featuring full-grain leather, this nifty little key holder pocket is perfectly sized to store your keys. It also sports a built-in keyring, so attaching new keys is as easy as anything. Likewise, the pocket comes in two sizes with the larger being spacious enough to hold your key fob for your car, making it suitable for just about any pocket. On the front is a snap closure so you can quickly access your keys whenever you need them. Over time, the stunning leather exterior will wear through use to make yours truly unique.

Dango Tethered Coin Capsule Divided Change Carrier

The only thing worse than a set of keys rattling around in your pocket is a bunch of loose change. Dango’s Tethered Coin Capsule changes all that. For the expert EDC aficionado, this change carrier has different slots for different sized coins. All your dimes, nickels, quarters, and pennies have their own slot so you can stay totally organized. And the ergonomic design makes it easy to remove exactly what you need when someone asks if you happen to have exact change. Complete with a lanyard, this coin organizer remains compact enough to go unnoticed in your pocket or bag.

Have we got you re-thinking the way you carry all your stuff? Good. That was our intention. EDC gadgets and gear are all about finding simplicity. Each one helps you bring more while carrying less or gives you total convenience no matter where you are. Got some we should add to the list? Let us know in the comments!

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