15 Insanely smart tech and devices to make your life better

Article issued by Gadget Flow

Looking for new smart tech and devices to simplify your life? There's no shortage of smart technology products out there today, from the simple smart light bulbs to the high-budget luxury smart tech. Below we've highlighted some of our favorite tech and devices that will make your life smarter, safer, and more efficient.

15 Insanely smart tech and devices to make your life better
Misty Personal Robot Platform in Frame

Want to make your life a little safer, smarter, and more convenient? Nowadays, there are thousands of smart tech and smart devices that can help you achieve just that. From smart security devices to gadgets that simplify your daily chores, product developers are finding ways to simplify almost every aspect of our lives with insanely smart tech and devices.

But with all the products out there, and new devices launching almost daily, where do you even start? Below we offer some options that range from simple and affordable to ridiculous luxury products that you might have dreamt up as a kid imagining the future.

Tonal Intelligent Fitness System

Say goodbye to your personal trainer. The Tonal Intelligent Fitness System can do everything from teaching you how to exercise efficiently to show you long-term metrics, to conducting routine fitness assessments to track your progress along the way. Tonal starts by learning your fitness goals, then conducts an initial fitness assessment to determine what kind of work you’ll need to do to reach those goals. Then you’ll receive a custom-tailored workout plan, including different workouts, and optimal weights for each workout you perform. It also mounts cleanly to your wall so it won’t take up as much space as that old Bowflex.

Misty II Personal Robot Platform

The Misty II Personal Robot looks like it came right out of a Black Mirror episode, but don’t worry, there are no bad endings when you invest in this smart companion. This super-intelligent robot is so smart that it makes jokes and expresses emotion. She can do things like widen her eyes, sigh, or smile to convey her feelings. Misty II is also loaded with capabilities to make your life easier at home. Program her to patrol the perimeter of your home, manage different smart home devices throughout your home, or check in with loved ones in other parts of the house. Think of her as a personal butler equipped with a 4K camera and an impressive far-field microphone.

Beetl Robotics Autonomous Poop Scooper

Dog owners know that backyard poop-scooping is one of the least enjoyable parts of owning a furry friend. But the Beetl Robotics Autonomous Pooper Scooper wants to use smart tech to take on that burden for you. This smart robot automatically patrols your yard and scoops up dog doo-doo along the way, so you can enjoy your yard without having to worry about where you step. It uses intelligent mapping to create a map of your yard, then efficiently wanders to ensure no poop gets by unscooped. Its large rear wheels can handle imperfect lawns, like divots and rough grass.

Makr Mirror Customizable Smart Mirror

Makr’s Customizable Smart Mirror sets out to simplify your morning routine by overlaying customized information onto your mirror. It connects to your home Wi-Fi so you can receive notifications, calendar alerts, sports updates, weather, and more, all while you get ready in the morning. The Makr Mirror app lets you manage these various integrations to provide only the most useful information, and from the app, you can integrate your smart mirror with other devices, like FitBit. Savvy developers will benefit from the open source nature, giving you the ability to do anything with the mirror that’s possible on Linux OS. It also looks great in modern homes with its aluminum frame construction, 1080p HD display, and beautiful two-way mirrored glass.

EQUA Smart Water Bottle

If you’re hopelessly bad at hydrating, the EQUA Smart Water Bottle can help you get on track, leading to a healthier and happier life on the go. The water bottle is a smart device that works with an app where you can create a personalized hydration plan. The water bottle itself takes over from there, using its built-in motion sensor to remind you to take a sip of water whenever it’s most convenient. The top of the water actually glows to remind you when to take a quick sip. You can also tap the cap to see where you’re at with your hydration. And if you’re hydrating in extreme temperatures, the double-walled insulation keeps drinks hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours.

AreoX U8 Smart Fingerprint U-Lock

With the AreoX U8 smart Smart Fingerprint U-Lock, you’ll never have to stress about losing your bike keys while it’s locked up at work, school, or around town. The lock learns your fingerprint to give you quick access to your bike lock. In fact, it unlocks in just 0.5 seconds. It stores up to nine fingerprints so you can let a friend or family member borrow the lock when needed. Its constructed with high-quality stainless steel so you don’t need to stress about theft, and it comes in long and short sizes to accommodate anything from bicycles to motorcycles and electric scooters. The battery life lasts a full year on standby, so you don’t need to worry about charging it all the time.

Gogoro Viva Ultralight Smart Scooter

The Gogoro VIVA Ultralight Smart Scooter is ideal for urbanites and city commuters. It’s not as unwieldy as your average motorized scooter, weighing only 176 pounds. This makes it easy to handle on busy streets, maneuver through tight spaces, and park anywhere. The scooter is designed with a narrow front to make you feel more a part of the outdoor environment than boxed in like a car commuter. With its built-in smart keycard, you can start it up with a single touch. The IQ system ensures it’s always getting smarter, which you can explore on the connected Gogoro app.

SmartHalo 2 Smart Biking Device

If you spend a lot of time bike commuting on busy streets or in urban environments, the SmartHalo 2 is a worthy investment for a number of reasons. First, it helps you navigate. The built-in LED lights will flash like turn signals when you need to turn right or left, so you won’t have to take your eyes off of traffic to navigate on your phone. The SmartHalo2 is also built with a 110 dB anti-theft alarm that is sure to scare off any would-be bike thieves looking for an easy win. The device monitors your activity and can show you cycling metrics like your speed, distance traveled, and calories burned. In other words, it’s loaded with useful features that make your bike commuting safer and smarter.

Big Ass Fans Haiku Smart Ceiling Fan

Big Ass Fans is known for its high-quality fans, but the Haiku Smart Ceiling Fan elevates traditional fans to a new level. It comes a lot of smart tech, including a built-in thermostat that senses the temperature of the room. When you set a desired temperature in the Haiku Home App, the fan uses its SenseME technology to adjust to keep your room comfortable, even as the ambient temperature changes throughout the day. The fan can mount to any ceiling, even at angles, so you don’t have to worry about it being compatible with your home. It’s also aesthetically superior to the average fan, regardless of whether you opt for the aluminum or bamboo finish.

Hi-Interiors HiBed Canopy Smart Bed

Beds used to just be a place to sleep, but Hi-Interiors has a different idea for what your bed should be. The HiBed Canopy Smart Bed can wake you up and light your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. By setting your sleep schedule, the below-bed lights will ease you awake in the morning to gently start your day. And if you need to get up in the dark, the under-bed lights will turn on and light your way without flooding the whole room with light. It also comes with a built-in smart TV, so you can fall asleep watching your favorite shows. If you have a big budget and an eye on the most insanely smart tech and devices, this might be the bed of your dreams.

Safera Sense Smart Cooking Monitor

The Safera Sense Smart Cooking Monitor will make your kitchen smarter and safer. Place the sensor above your stove so it can monitor the air quality in your kitchen, looking for things like smoke and carbon monoxide. It will also alert you if your cooking habits err on the side of unsafe. It also comes with a timer to help you keep track of everything on the stove or in the oven. Think of this smart sensor as your sous chef, there to keep an eye on things while you’re hard at work cooking up your next great meal.

Momentum Meri Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat

Smart thermostats don’t just let you remotely control your home’s temperature. They also use smart tech to help you cut down on costs in a few big ways. The Meri Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat lets you adjust your home’s temperature from anywhere, maintain the right temperature throughout the day, or set cost-effective schedules that save energy while you’re not home. The thermostat has a high-resolution color screen that’s easy to see from across the room. It also monitors the quality of your air, like the humidity inside your home.

PetKit Fresh Element Smart Pet Feeder

The PetKit Fresh Element Smart Pet Feeder uses smart tech to ensure your pet is well-fed each and every day. If you’re scrambling out the door to get to work on time, you can rest easy knowing this smart pet feeder can take care of your pet’s breakfast for you. Use the PetKit app to create a feeding plan for your pet. Or you can control the feeder manually and feed your pet remotely through the app. It comes with a double-fresh lock system, so you know the food is well preserved and that your pet can’t break into the device for an extra meal while you’re not home. The feeder is also equipped with a moisture-proof desiccant box that helps preserve your food for up to a month.

Evapolar evaSmart Smart Personal Air Conditioner

This evaSMART air conditioning device is perfect for cooling smaller spaces. It uses a USB charging port so you can power it up from both outlets or your computer when you’re on the go. It’s also more than a traditional air conditioner. It also works as a humidifier and purifier to keep you feeling ultra-comfortable wherever you go. The evaSMART filters dust particles to keep the air around you clean and safe. It also comes with a built-in LED light that changes color to match the mood of any room.

U by Moen Smart Shower

The U by Moen Smart Shower is an Alexa-compatible device that makes it easier than ever to control your shower. Instead of fussing with knobs and dials to get the temperature just right, you can have the smart shower save the perfect temperature so it can be replicated every time. You can also control the shower with your voice, so you can vocally turn the shower on and off, or adjust the temperature. If you’re in a hurry, you can even turn on the shower remotely to save time while it heats up. And don’t worry, the app will notify you when your shower is ready to go. It’s the perfect addition to every modern smart home.

These are just a handful of the insanely smart tech and devices that can help streamline your commute, keep you safer at home, and eliminate some of those less-than-fun rudimentary chores like feeding your pet or picking up dog poop. And with new products launching almost daily, there’s truly no shortage of the different ways you can build out the smart home of your dreams. What are your favorite smart devices?