11 Travel accessories to make you feel like you’re in first class

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Think back to the last time you traveled. Unless you got to enjoy first class, there’s probably plenty of room for improvement. These travel accessories and gadgets are all designed to make your travels a cinch. You might even feel like you’re traveling first class.

11 Travel accessories to make you feel like you’re in first class
Plevo Smart Travel Bags in Pink and Black

Are you the type who loves traveling, from getting to the airport early to ensure you get a window seat? Or are you the type to pop on an eye mask and hope you can remain asleepuntil you reach your destination?

No matter which type you are (or perhaps you’re a bit of both!), traveling for work and play both bring a special set of challenges. It’s all about packing light yet making sure you have everything. It’s about moving quickly but not being rushed. You need to be comfortable but still have to present yourself as you’re in public.

And then, you have to deal with living out of a suitcase for your entire stay. If you’re traveling for fun, it can be tough to be prepared while packing light. And if you’re traveling for work, it can be equally tricky to look your best every day when you’re on the go.

Lucky for you, there are countless travel accessories and gadgets all designed to help you achieve travel mastery. They’ll help you fly through the airport, ensure you’re always charged, and keep you feeling your best.

Haber London Flat Leather Passport Holder

It’s slim, it’s leather, it’s luxurious – what more do we need to say? The Flat Leather Passport Holder, as the name suggests, securely stashes away your passport. But, it also totally conceals it when it’s in place. Simply slide it through the wool felt and leather panels and have peace of mind no one else knows it’s there. In addition to your passport, the front leather panels have slots for your cards. When you’re trying to make your way through the airport, you know just how vital it is to have everything accessible and in one place.

BauBax 15-Feature Travel Pants

Are you the one wearing pajamas through the airport? Or do you go for a full suit (including a tie)? No matter which side of the style range you’re on, there’s a better and more comfortable way to travel and it’s with the BauBax Travel Pants. With 15 different travel-friendly features, you’ll feel like a million bucks from take-off to touch down. The unique blend of bamboo viscose and merino wool keeps you ventilated and cool in the summer and cozy in the winter. The material is stain and water-resistant and even offers odor control. They’re even moisture-wicking should you accidentally spill your drink on your lap mid-turbulence.

Plevo B-One & D-One Series Smart Travel Bags

There’s one thing that can make or break any traveling: the bag you carry. The Plevo B-One and D-One Series are smart travel bags that will totally change that as they’re all about practicality and convenience. In fact, there are three ways you can open these bags; facial identification, touch recognition, and Morse code. And, the bags come in multiple styles including two backpack styles and two styles of duffle bags. They come with a TSA-friendly lock, a removable battery pack, USB, micro USB, and USB-C charging, and so much more. So, ditch the luggage you’re lugging around and upgrade to these smart travel bags.

Nimble 35W Universal Travel Adapter

Is your passport full of stamps to the point where you’ll need a new one? Then you already know the importance of a travel adapter. Going without can leave you digitally stranded wherever you’re traveling. With Nimble, you can recharge just about anywhere. In over 150 different countries, in fact. This universal travel adapter offers 35W of power to handle all of your devices. It’s perfect for long trips aboard or even for layovers in foreign countries. Along with a traditional plug, you can use Nimble for USB-C and USB charging in all 150 countries. With this convenience, you’ll hardly feel like you’re traveling at all.

MiniPresso Handheld Espresso Maker

Okay, so it’s not strictly a travel gadget. But one sure-fire way to make you feel your best while traveling is a great cup of coffee (don’t even try to convince yourself that airport kiosk coffee is good). MiniPresso lets you make a fresh and delicious cup of espresso no matter where you are. You can be in a hostel in the middle of nowhere. You can be in Frankfurt for a long layover. Because all you need to do is add hot water to your grounds, great coffee is literally just a press of a button away. Once you press the button, MiniPresso pours out top-notch espresso into your cup instantly. If you close your eyes, you might just think you’re sipping away in its birthplace in Turin, Italy.

Skyroam Solis X Global Wi-Fi Device

Looking at your device and seeing “no signal” is just a step shy from heartbreaking. Whether it’s because you want to browse Facebook or because you have an important business call, Skyroam Solis X gives you 4G LTE connectivity just about everywhere. This superbly compact device is armed with a 4700 mAh battery to last just as long as you do. Working in more than 130 countries, Solis X will keep you connected anywhere. All you have to do is connect via Wi-Fi to start using. And, it’s small enough to reside in your pocket as you hop from country to country so nothing cramps your style.

mophie Fabric powerstation XL Portable Battery

Traveling by train, bus, or plane? Chances are, you’re on at least one device to keep you distracted. With all this usage, you’ll definitely run out of battery. But not if you have the mophie powerstation XL. This massive 15,000 mAh battery is actually surprisingly compact, despite all the power it delivers. With all the ports you need, you can charge multiple devices at once. Never will you be the one sitting on the floor hogging the only outlet by your gate.

Tortuga Setout Packing Cubes: Max-Sized Packing Organizers

Don’t be that person pulling everything out of your suitcase just to find your sweatshirt or a fresh pair of socks. Use the Setout Packing Cubes to keep everything right where it should be. These cubes help you organize your shirts, trousers, undergarments, or anything else. Once you’ve packed the cubes, all it takes is placing them into your bag. These packing cubes are made for backpacks, making them perfect for your carry-on backpack. Or, you can use them for your suitcase for total organization and access.

Ezra Arthur Flat Folio Dopp Kit Toiletry Bag

Say goodbye to the worn out and probably a little bit gross toiletry bag you have and hello to all-over sophistication. The Flat Folio Dopp Kit is a toiletry bag for the classy traveler. Featuring an all-leather design, it’s both stain and scratch-resistant. Not only that, but the leather will age beautifully the more you use it. And because it keeps your toiletries organized and flat, it simply slips into any travel bag. Even still, it measures a full 13 inches to have a spot for everything you need.

11 Travel accessories to make you feel like you’re in first class

Flat Folio Dopp Kit stays thin even when full

Stuart & Lau Carry On Connector

You know what won’t make you feel like you’re traveling first class? Lugging all your bags around the airport and dropping them. Short of hiring a personal bellhop for your travels, the Stuart & Lau Carry On Connector is your next best bet. This clever mechanism attaches your smaller carry-on item to your larger carry-on suitcase. With this in place, you can zip around with just a single hand on your suitcase. The strong strap keeps your smaller bag safe and secure no matter how fast you’re zipping through the terminal. Did we mention it features full-grain leather? It’s a simple way to add some sophistication to your travels.

CORI Customizable Travel Pillow

Alright, we’ll say it: sleeping while traveling will never be glamorous. But with the CORI customizable travel pillow, at least you’ll be comfortable. This travel pillow can be just as firm or as soft as you require and even adjusts for total ergonomic support and comfort. It works thanks to removable and adjustable memory foam panels. You can arrange them along the circular pillow as you need. It doesn’t matter if you’re snuggled up to the window next to your seat or the wall at the gate, CORI keeps your head supported and comfortable while you snooze.

If that list doesn’t make you want to pack your bags and take off, we’re not sure what will. But what do you think? Will these travel accessories make you enjoy your journey even more? Do you have more gadgets or tips for feeling your best while traveling? Let us know in the comments!